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Boutique Rolex by Pisa Orologeria

A well-known address to the connoisseurs where to find the object of desire of a lifetime

Via Montenapoleone 24. Whether you start your walk from San Babila rather than from Via Manzoni it occupies a strategic position in defining a link between the two brands par excellence: Rolex and Pisa Orologeria. It doesn’t matter if it is beginning or ending the road, because, either way, it gives you a taste of what you can expect to find or rather what you haven’t been able to find until now: it just raises the bar.

Getting near the shop windows is tricky because there are so many people crowding around them, with dreamy eyes, pointing out the object of their desire. But the turnover is quick, people come and go. Why not to go in?

The shop is deep and vertical. The furnishings are modern and stylish. On the ground floor the Rolex colors really stand out at you, the 6 meter long “aqua glass” counter and the huge platinum spiral staircase lead to who knows what marvelous spaces above.

At the back, a see-through elevator precedes a vertical garden designed by the French botanical architect Patrik Blanc. Now, this is one of those elevators you’ve got to try, claustrophobic or not. This is the only way to really admire the whole experience, purchase or not. A green tunnel transports you to the first floor, a large space dedicated to sales, then to the second floor where expert watchmakers offer a unique and exceptional service and finally to the third floor: the terrace. Let’s stop here. A garden terrace among the most beautiful in the city. A breathtaking spot. Dressed up on demand for boutique activities and expositions. It’s Saturday, and while I visualize all this, I look down at the street below – which looks like an overflowing river – and I feel like I’m part of something special.

No, I didn’t buy anything. But as I walk around the block I hear the music with more passion, colors seem more vivid and my senses are renewed. I can’t help but think of the level of excellence our country can express, a landmark for international brands which has always managed to stand out for its high quality standards. It makes you feel proud to be a part of it.

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