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10 restaurants in Milan to try in October

Here are the perfect restaurants for a tasty early autumn pampering

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October formalizes autumn in the city and what better way to start the season with golden leaves if not with a lunch or dinner in warm and welcoming restaurants . With the first colds, the dehors much loved during the summer season give way to more intimate rooms, where you can taste traditional dishes, international flavors for a gastronomic journey around the world and genuine raw materials.

Milan is the cradle of trends in the food sector: a polyglot city that looks to the future, remaining faithful to its culture. A fertile ground for the birth of fresh and enchanting locals capable of awakening in us passers-by the curiosity to enter, take a seat and listen to the story of a cuisine that is told through its flavors, aromas and colors.

To the real innovations, the restyling of cult names in the Milanese restaurant scene has brought a breath of fresh air, helping to emphasize the chic and sophisticated image of the Italian capital of glamor.

Brush up on your free time agenda and mark the names of the restaurants to try in October : a 360 ° culinary experience will lead you to the discovery of a city in constant change, capable of surprising you at every corner.


Via Tortona, 28

10 ristoranti da provare milano ottobre


Mediterranean cuisine meets the Tuscan flavors of the past, in a location with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where exposed bricks, soft light and soft seats are the perfect background for a meal in the name of elegant tradition, in a contemporary key. On the walls, vintage photos depict beautiful women, successful faces who have trodden the show’s scenes for the past 50 years. If your last trip to Tuscany left your mouth watering, reserve a table in this “Tuscan bistrot”: a glass of red wine and a plate of steaming pasta will make you forget for a moment that you are in Milan.


Viale Col di Lana, 1

10 ristoranti da provare milano ottobre


Next destination: Mexico! Take Viale Col di Lana and you will fulfill your wish. A fuchsia and orange rainbow, led lights and rhythmic music describe Chihuahua Tacos: a proposal from true taqueria , but in 100% Milanese style. Among gluten free tacos , tostadas and quesadillas let yourself be intrigued by the Espolon tequila-based cocteles : Paloma, Mexican Mule, Margarita and Copita Tequila will conquer your toasts in the name of Mexican wave. And, in full Mexican spirit, from 2 October, this strong-colored location will participate together with Espolon Tequila in a “domination” of the Ticinese district which will celebrate the “Dia De Los Muertos” on 2 November: events with a strong appeal to the Jadisco neighborhoods will be the protagonists of “Espolon Ticinese – El Barrio Creativo”. For lovers of “social shooting”, the mural by the artist Ozmo at number 66 of Corso di Porta Ticinese is a must.


Via Lazzaro Papi, 18

10 ristoranti da provare milano ottobre


A sign that bears his name: this is how Haruo Ichikawa consecrates his kitchen in the Porta Romana area. Known in the Milanese haute cuisine scene as Sushi Master at the starred IYO , Ichikawa has embarked on a personal journey with a minimalist venue, in shades of light wood and acid green, lit by the bright red of the logo. The menu offers a selection studied daily by the Chef, who will take you through a journey through authentic Japanese cuisine among the freshest raw materials and “stellar” preparations .


Corso Cristoforo Colombo, 6

10 ristoranti da provare milano ottobre


A place, two souls and four moments: here is 142 Restaurant, a new project by Sandra Ciciriello. A chameleon-like place, where young and promising cookers meet in the Under 30 kitchen day and evening, experimenting the Italian tradition with colors, processes and presentations to eat with the eyes (and not only). Breakfast, lunch, aperitif and dinner are marked by an offer that alternates delicious home-made pastries, tasting menus and menu proposals, to be accompanied by regional and international wine labels. Feel at home: switching between meals has never been easier.


Via Alfredo Cappellini, 25

10 ristoranti da provare milano ottobre


Moebius appears as a large magic box, a container of ideas, where the creativity and creativity of Chef Enrico Croatti have created an all y (and night) long environment . A sparkling cuisine, which offers a tapa bistrot service – to be enjoyed also in a vegetarian and vegan version – for lunches and dinners out of the ordinary. And for those who want a snack or a mid-day snack, no problem: a menu with delicious amuse bouche will feed every palate. But Moebius is also a cocktail bar: from the aperitif to the after dinner, have fun experimenting with the Signature mixes of this new Milanese address.


Via Amerigo Vespucci 11

10 ristoranti da provare milano ottobre


In the futuristic frame of Porta Nuova, Bioesserì has opened the doors of its second Milanese venue, inside a large design space that plays with contrasting metals, light wood, geometric patterns and color palettes that convey serenity. An address for those looking for organic food on the plate, attention to sustainability and the selection of raw materials that come to our table. The seasonality of the menu is the focus of the restaurant, pivot around which courses of meat, fish and vegetarian rotate, alternating with pizzas made with natural leavening. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the drinks of the bio cocktail bar: delicious on the palate and beautiful in presentation.


Via Mario Fusetti, 1

Iter vola in Estonia


New “logbook” for Via Fusetti 1. Iter Airlines has landed in Estonia, a land full of cultural, chromatic and landscape contrasts that have given life to an explosive menu, characterized by unpublished mixes and strong flavors, dedicated to palates who love to dare. Tapas, starters and hot soups with a structured aroma, with a focus on Nordic fish, tell of a harsh climate that shakes the country all year round, alongside preserves and canned foods typical of the pro-Soviet tradition, still deeply rooted in the fabric Estonian social. Your journey is about to begin: welcome on board!


Via Macedonio Melloni, 9

10 ristoranti da provare milano ottobre


A secret corner, precisely prohibido , where the sensuality of the Argentine tango and the taste of well-cooked dishes mix in an environment that echoes the streets of Buenos Aires. Leave the entrance of the venue behind: persuasive notes with a pressing rhythm will be the background of electrifying live performances, with professional dancers. The atmosphere of intimacy – common thread of all El Porteño premises – is enhanced here by the dark wood of the tables and furnishings, by the soft light and by a color palette that plays on dark tones. The juiciness of the dishes is unforgettable, worthy of a cult address for Milan that loves meat.


Galleria del Corso, 4

Langosteria Cafe


The elegant Milanese café of Enrico Buonocore – patron and CEO of Langosteria – has updated his look, thanks to the creative mind of the architect Carlo Samarati who has expanded the bar area and the outdoor area. A fluid environment, in which internal and external spaces dialogue in the name of a refined atmosphere, where you can enjoy an excellent raw material that collects the flavors and smells of the most authentic sea. Next to the ebony design bottle, the new travertine counter is the ideal corner where you can taste an artfully prepared cocktail while waiting for your fish dish. Just close your eyes: the sea will no longer be a distant memory.


Via Sant’Andrea,6 c/o Palazzo Morando

10 ristoranti da provare milano ottobre

Feeding in nature and with nature is now possible: until October 20 Palazzo Morando will host the MAIO Temporary Restaurant & Bar in Elle Decor Grand Hotel, where you can enjoy a 100% green break, in contact with wellness and sustainability. MAIO’s cuisine has been studied by the mind of Chef Rossetti and Moreni, with the collaboration of the expert Nutritionist Professor Nicola Sorrentino; balanced single dishes for meat, fish and veg lovers will be accompanied by a varied menu. Open for lunch with long social tables or for a coffee or aperitif in the outdoor area, MAIO can be reserved for dinner for private events, outside the usual urban schemes.

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