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  • Tripstillery
    Piazza Alvar Aalto

    A unique Milanese address, a real experimental cocktail bar that brings to the city a concept never seen before. Tripstillery is the novelty signed Flavio Angiolillo & Co. ready...

  • Eppol Pie
    Via Lecco, 4

    Set at number 4 of the eclectic Via Lecco, Eppol Pie is the new chapter signed by older brother Eppol, a sparkling cocktail bar immersed in the vivacity of...

  • DAAD Dantone
    Via Santo Spirito, 24/A

    In one of the quietest streets of the Montenapoleone district, the internationally acclaimed playground for luxury fashion seekers, you can find a hidden gem called DAAD Dantone. This luxury...

  • Degio
    Via Santa Maria Fulcorina, 20

    Degio is a beautiful project led by three young enthusiasts of jewellery craftsmanship. Their objective was to imagine a place for anyone that could not find its happiness in...

  • Clan Upstairs
    Via Pontaccio, 15

    More than a shopping place, Clan Upstairs is a lifestyle. This iconic concept store aims at inspiring its clients and not just providing a classic shopping experience. Located in...

  • Bivio Milano
    Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 4

    Bivio Milano is considered as the first ‘resale’ store in the Italian capital. Hillary Belle Walker, the founder, had this vision to create a second-hand shop where it is...

  • Campomarzio70
    Via Brera, 2

    Located just at the beginning of via Brera, the concept store Campomarzio70 is first and foremost a family affair. The passion for the perfumery arts has been running into...

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