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Caffè dell’Oro

The versatile luxury of executive chef Peter Brunel

When you enter the Caffè dell’Oro for the first time, it will be its location to strike you the most. If during the day the place where the Ponte Vecchio and the Lungamo Acciaiuoli meet is one of the most jammed, with the crowd of tourists who gather among the goldsmiths shops and the rush hour machines that run along the road, this luxury bistro looks a thousand miles away from the afternoon chaos, yet it’s there, in the exact center of it all.

During the day the bistro’s black Venetian blinds are practically closed, blocking the room from the blinding midday light, and the noises coming from the street. When you enter, not only the silence welcomes you, but also a pleasant shadow, populated by the vintage furniture inspired by the ’50s and soft lights. The color palette is minimal: black and white, with a splash of grey and wooden details.

The whole place conveys an idea of style and great elegance. This idea is confirmed for the first time by the service, punctual, welcoming and always full of information and advice, and the second time by the menu, created by executive chef Peter Brunel of Borgo San Jacopo restaurant. It recalls the great classics of Italian regional cuisine, endowing them with a unique gastronomic texture, which turns them into haute cuisine preparations.

Alongside typical dishes, such as pappa al pomodoro, the pasta with beans and acqua pazza seabass, there are more daring recipes: the Sardinian fregola with clams, pork and saffron;the bufala bruschetta with anchovies, broccoli and truffle; and the the guniea fowl with purple mashed potatoes, truffles, and carrots.

At the Caffè dell’Oro, though, you can also have a light salad for lunch, or for the happy hour or just for a coffee, paired with the excellent biscuits from the Dolcissima bakery. If you can, try to sit in the small lounge area with sofa and armchairs, placed right in front of the beautiful, minimalistic marble fireplace. To make you feel even more at home, the bar is just behind you.

Breakfast and brunch are also great times to enjoy this bistro. You will find everything you need for a classic Italian sweet breakfast, plus a great continental breakfast buffet with eggs cooked in a variety of ways, sausages, omelettes, pancakes and French toast. The drink are certainly not lacking: tea, smoothies and coffee, but the menu also includes a great selection of champagne, for those who want to start the day with a little sparkling sip.

Ultimately, your stop at Caffè dell’Oro is an obligatory one if you are out exploring the culinary beauties of Florence, where you can experience firsthand how much a gastronomic vision and a great restaurants style can add up to the perfect meal.

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