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Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

A metropolitan oasis with more than five centuries of history

Being enchanted by the beauty of Florence is practically assured, but we are sure that what you will experience going through Borgo Pinti, leaving the Duomo, Santa Croce and the Annunziata behind, until you reach number 99 will not be the same. Once you have crossed the threshold of the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, in fact, your concept of beauty will pass to a level never before imagined.

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

A true metropolitan oasis in the city, the Four Seasons is housed in the historic 15th century Della Gherardesca palace, built by the wish of Bartolomeo Scala in 1472, a close friend of Lorenzo Il Magnifico, and designed by Giuliano da Sangallo. Conceived as the first city resort in Italy, the historic Palazzo has seen different properties over the centuries, up to present day, where the magnificence of the past has been further enriched by all the modern comforts of 5-star hospitality- luxury.

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Located within the city’s largest private garden of the city, the hotel consists of two buildings, the “Palazzo della Gherardesca” and “The Villa”, a former 16th-century convent. Located all around a park of 4.5 hectares of beauty that leaves literally breathtaking surrounds them, with its thick vegetation and rare plants that come from all over the world. In addition to the 116 rooms, including 42 suites, and two restaurants, Il Palagio (awarded with a Michelin star) and Al Fresco (open during the summer), the hotel offers its guests a spa with a pool of over 790 square meters, five meeting rooms and a cocktail bar, the Atrium Bar, for a stay that will exceed your expectations beyond all limits.

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

But, the Four Seasons is not a show for the exclusive use of hotel guests: the Four Seasons is Florence and it is to you and to all those who gravitate to you for longer or shorter periods that opens its doors, in the inclusion project that wants to ensure that this historical heritage is within the reach of all citizens. After centuries the wonderful garden of the Gherardesca has reopened its doors to the city and you will never have the sensation of austerity that sometimes is felt in the big luxury hotels. The rooms are full, they are alive, and the Atrium Bar and the Palagio are now a favorite meeting point for the city and its inhabitants.

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

You can breathe Renaissance air at the Four Seasons, in every corner of the common areas, rooms and suites. The sumptuousness of the decorations, the frescoes, the statues, the stuccos, the original works of art, the perfectly preserved bas-reliefs, the Oriental wallpaper hand painted in silk are all details that will flow in your head, but there you will not be able to assimilate everything together, not yet, not while you walk surrounded by the beautiful Carrara marble.

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Then, once you get out, the magic of this unique experience will slowly begin to materialize, one piece at a time. So, you will try to remember every detail, every perfume, every taste, trying to understand if you really were there or if it was just a dream. And the only certain conclusion to which you will come, after thinking about it for a long time, will be that you can not wait to come back.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences florence has to offer.

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