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Gerard Loft

Contemporary clothes in an industrial chic location

Gerard Loft is one of those stores where you enter and shop with ease. This is for two reasons. The first consists of the location itself, spacious and airy, and, faithfully the name, reminiscent of the loft of some New York artist, with its large spaces, white walls and industrial chic furnishings. The second for the variety of his inventory, arranged on two floors, that you can explore far and wide without ever stopping.

The shop was opened in 1997 by Tommaso Pecchioli, son of that Paolo Pecchioli already famous in Florence for his luxury boutique Gerard, continuing his vocation towards a conception of clothing that mixes tradition and transgression, the classic and the innovative, but declined towards more youthful and modern outcomes.

And precisely “youthful” is the word that comes to mind when you visit this boutique next to Santa Maria del Fiore. Youthful because of the selection of clothes, exhibited in abundance in the store’s spaces, but without ever giving the impression of chaos. Youthful also in the aspect of the location, decorated with large tropical plants and murals, which alternate between the scratched walls that give an unmistakable industrial look.

The selection of garments definitely points towards streetwear with brands like Stone Island, incursions of French fashion houses and Italian brands. The attraction to state-of-the-art jeans is definitely present, with the presence of some Japanese labels that will delight all lovers of niche fashion.

In any case, what’s privileged here is the Made in Italy, of which Gerard Loft becomes enthusiastic ambassador during the days of Pitti Uomo, but without ever renouncing the international breath that characterizes it. The proposal, despite all its modernity, never results excessive or too flashy. The gentleman of Gerard Loft is modern but never gives up sobriety and measure. A gentleman (or gentlewoman), ultimately, 100% Italian.

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