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The Best Addresses for Spring Shopping

Welcome spring! Here are some valuable tips to inaugurate the beautiful season with style, from home decor to clothing

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When the white and pink magnolias in bloom stand out against the whiteness of the historic buildings, giving them sparse moments of beauty, the Milanese realize that Spring has finally arrived. The parks are dressed in new colors and in the tree-lined avenues the sky is more blue, in contrast with the green of the reborn foliage.

While nature takes its course and the bars’ outdoor terraces are filled, in the mind of every woman there are thoughts of a dreaded wardrobe change or whole house clean that we promised ourselves we’d do “as soon as the weather was good” .

If a wardrobe change inspires fear and the vacuum bags look threatening to you, the thought of finally being able to buy spring dresses and open-toed shoes should be quite inviting. Because all of us, subconsciously, dream that from March 21 onwards heavy jackets and wool socks are just a memory.

Furthermore, we are aware of the fact that the winter in Milan can be quite chilly: that’s why we won’t be surprised to find very warm throws and fleece blankets in your homes. But as the days get longer, wouldn’t you want to push aside a light curtain to observe the clear sky?

So here are some addresses we thought of for this spring: like Manzoni says, “The Heaven of Lombardy, so beautiful when it’s beautiful” will be even better thanks to our tips!



Via Vincenzo Monti, 12

10 indirizzi per lo shopping di Primavera - Milano

Sometimes you happen to visit a friend and appreciate the decor of her home to the point of wanting to take some pieces with you. This is what you’ll feel when you cross the courtyard of Via Vincenzo Monti, 12 and are welcomed inside by Elena. She is the friend that everyone wants when it comes to home decor. With the change of season, you want to give a spring look to your home too. Curtains, wallpaper and carefully selected furnishing complements will assist in bringing harmony to your rooms. When discussion spring, the mind of many immediately think of the beautiful Japanese cherry trees: for an oriental touch, La Casa Di Gaia offers the sudarè!


Via S. Marco, 1

10 indirizzi per lo shopping di Primavera - Milano

Preparing for a warm Easter? If you are one of the lucky ones who will spend this anniversary where the weather is more lenient, the swimsuit hunt probably has already begun. For some dreamers, instead, a ray of sunshine is enough to feel the near summer and dream of the sea and the holidays. In the heart of Brera, Glamor in Rose has its home. A boutique born in Forte dei Marmi, where you can rediscover the style that distinguishes the very elegant beach-goers of Versilia with clothing, accessories, or – as in our case – beachwear. This year, will you wear a bikini or a swimsuit? If you’re undecided, make up your mind by browsing through Glamor In Rose!


Mari – via Manzoni, 27
Mariza Tassy – via Molino delle Armi, 45
Lizard Concept Store – in via Circo, 1
La Corte – via Fiamma, 37

10 indirizzi per lo shopping di Primavera - Milano

Precious and essential materials give life to jewels designed to be a second skin for those who choose to wear them. When the climate allows us to discover more centimeters of our body, certain windows seem to shimmer more than others: like Mari, in Via Manzoni 27, Mariza Tassy, ​​in Via Molino delle Armi 45, Lizard Concept Store in Via Circo and La Corte, in via Fiamma 37. These are the addresses where to find Lil Milan (also available online). A brand founded in 2014 by Veronica Varetta it is loved for the preciousness and lightness of the creations it offers, completely made in Italy. For those already in the summer mood, try the Bombshell series with three small shells!


Corso Monforte, 2

10 indirizzi per lo shopping di Primavera - Milano

What does spring smell like? We would all probably answer differently, but it is difficult not to associate this season with a fragrant symphony of flowers, childhood memories and blossoming balconies.  For those who are not satisfied with the scents of nature and associate a specific essence with each season, we recommend a visit to Mazzolari, established in 1966. Imagine the trail you would like to leave behind you, remember the bouquet you loved to smell, and describe it. In this olfactory paradise the perfect perfume for you not only exists, but is waiting for you, enclosed in an elegant bottle.


Viale Monte Nero, 75

10 indirizzi per lo shopping di Primavera - Milano

There are two types of sunglasses enthusiasts: those who never change them, because once they find the model that can enhance them, they reach nirvana, and those who would like a pair for each day of the week. Whether you belong to the first or second category, protecting your eyes is essential. That’s why we recommend to those of you who want to face the sun with style, to visit Occhial House. It is an elegant living room, located in a period setting, where design and traditional models have made their home. Here the choice will be guided by authentic professionals so take a seat, get closer to the mirror and start trying!


Corso Garibaldi, 127

10 indirizzi per lo shopping di Primavera - Milano

A modern romanticism that has been able to adapt to metropolitan rhythms. From Minuit, among designer lamps and flowers on the walls, there is a line with an eye constantly focused on the best Made in Italy, and the other on international influences. For this spring dress tailor-made clothes: the add to the value of this boutique and concept store in Brera. The possibility of customization and the almost infinite choice of fabrics reflect the creativity of the creator, Lucia Isabella Mezzanotte. If in your mind this is the season to indulge in fluttery light dresses and impalpable pastel-colored fabrics, this is the address for you!


Viale Monte Nero, 63

10 indirizzi per lo shopping di Primavera - Milano

They aspire to possess the natural charm that comes from some women, after having uttered the fateful phrase with a laugh, able to dispel any doubt: “Oui, je suis parisienne”. The bad news is that your identity card does not lie, the good thing is that Pretty Box is the Milanese answer to walk on the Seine surrounded by bouquiniste. Between broderie anglaise, ruffles and rouches once you enter Pretty Box you will discover a boutique where clothes are designed for the customers whose names they bear. A feminine and colorful boutique, it is a treasure trove of clothing and accessories!


Via Nicola D’Apulia, 2

10 indirizzi per lo shopping di Primavera - Milano

Pedaling through the city past luscious balconies, tulips and leather saddles. Bici & Radici is the project of Stefania and Marco, united by the desire for a metropolitan life lived in a more sustainable way: for this they have conceived what is impossible to define a shop, and which has the air of a shop of other times. It is a soothing and unexpected corner, where you can buy flowers, bicycles or ask for advice. If with the rising of the temperatures you have decided to abandon the public transport for the two wheels and you cannot hold back from the romantic image of you riding a bicycle, with an embroidered wicker basket and a bouquet of flowers inside, this is the right address!


Corso Buenos Aires, 5

10 indirizzi per lo shopping di Primavera - Milano

Like the Rossella O’Hara in Via Col Vento, of which we all remember the straw hats, or Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady: if the romantic and vintage mood belongs to you, and you love the shadows that the wide brim of a hat creates on the face, Cappelleria Mutinelli is the right address. A historical bulwark for those who appreciate a hat of excellent workmanship since 1888, in this shop in Corso Buenos Aires among colors, shapes and materials you will find the shape that best suits your style. Perfect for a Sunday stroll or a picnic on the lawn, the hat is a must-have accessory to shelter you from the sun in a decidedly charming way!