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The 10 best addresses for original Christmas gifts

Small and big gifts for family, colleagues and friends

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Christmas is a wonderful festivities. There’s who starts counting the days since summer, there’s who just can’t stand the cheer and the party decoration that cover the town. On one thing we can all agree, though. No festivities makes us spend money like Christmas does. Among the gifts, dinners, little things, dessert platters, bottles of wine, trips and evenings at the bar you could wreck the economic system of a small state, let alone our wallets. What do we want to do with it? Civilization is based on social conventions like these, to refuse is impossible as well as unpardonably unkind.

So let’s cut the complaints and try to be proactive. Since Christmas will last for another two or three centuries, it’s better to adapt ourselves. The key is the strategy. The ten places that we propose in this ranking are perfect for every need: from a small gift of courtesy to the beautiful object to amaze those you love.


Via Tito Speri, 1

Pourquoi Pas Lab - Milano

Francesca Meana, a paper designer, has opened this store of special items that are ideal for an original and surprising gift. Foulards in viscose or silk created from photographs and closed in cans, jewelry, exclusive stationery items and even paintings. Pourquoi Pas is a crater of ideas, which is constantly renewed and constantly enriches its proposal. Special gifts for special people.


Via Medardo Rosso, 6

DMK - Daniela Mola | Milano

The definitive bric-à-brac: an avalanche of unique pieces, collected over years of patient research and put on display all together, on overflowing shelves populated by wonders. Daniela Mola presides over her kingdom from her post together with her dog, Nina. She knows every corner of it, loves each of the objects she has personally chosen. In his bazaar there are also the extraordinary wooden design objects that she and her husband, Ingo Knuth, created in the ’70s and’ 80s, acclaimed by the whole world.


Via Melzo, 34


A piece of London in Milan, a landmark of Made in England products here in town. Their definitive gem? The huge selection of English teas. But there is no lack of perfumes, leather-bound agendas, preserves, jewels and prints. If you are looking for that small item that is impossible to find elsewhere, the British Box is the right place. Do not be afraid, go through the door and enter the London of the times gone by.


Via Brera, 6

Idee regalo di Natale

A store specializing in stationery items that is ideal for gifts to the little ones. Pencil holders, imaginative watches, surprising gadgets, stuffed animals and unusual toys. All carefully selected around the world by the owners. Rigadritto is a shop that makes you feel good, returns to a smaller, more colorful and easier world. Visit it: it will reserve you more than one surprise.


Viale Tunisia, 1


Indescribable, irreducible. If something can be found, it is here that you have to go and look for it. This shop is like a Swiss army knife, it can serve in ten thousand occasions plus one. Technology accessories, travel items, clothing details, gadgets for smartphones and every kind of souvenir are all here. Enter here and browse: the best comes when we are not looking for it.


Via Solari, 15


Futuristic and unmarked shop, Go! it is a real mine of unusual, useful and colorful design objects. It is a real total store where you can find the ideal solution for everything and everyone. From bags to PC accessories, from the most particular gadgets to smart items for your kitchen. In this shop you will be pushed to expand your horizons and discover the hidden sides of everyday objects.


Via Edmondo de Amicis, 35


One of the most imaginative and colorful shops in the whole city, Rebus is very popular with Milanese people of all ages. The objects displayed on its shelves are perfect for any kind of gift and will make even the most serious adults return a children. You just need to know the person you want to give the gift to and look for the one that best suits his or her passion. If it exists, Rebus has it.


Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 73


An enchanted land, a wonderland, a dream place. Under Christmas, Ecliss Milano emerges out of the world and becomes a universe in itself, the same universe in which a fairytale could be set. His Christmas decorations are among the most beautiful you can see in the city. Even for your most special gifts Ecliss is very precise, the choice you will find here is virally infinite and each piece is chosen with the utmost accuracy among the best of the international design.

IF Store

Corso di Porta Ticinese, 46


A true creative workshop near the Colonne where you can find backpacks and exclusive bags, accessories, funny patches and all kinds of accessories. If the person you want to give your gift to is young and loves solid colors, the IF Store is just what you need. Try to visit it and give it a look, making mistakes here is impossible.


Piazza XXV Aprile, 12


This infinite shop really has everything you could look for, all products of very high quality: objects, design and furniture. In its two thousand square meters you will surely find the perfect gift. Be it a stationery item, a fragrance, clothing accessories or household items. The only thing you will have to do is take some time to explore it.

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