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12 ideas for Father’s-Day gift

This year, March 19, not only zeppole di San Giuseppe: here are the addresses for the perfect gift!

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There is the father who taught us how to ride a bike, who then convinced our mother that the scooter wasn’t too dangerous. There is the father who patiently waited outside the disco club, socializing with other companions of misfortune in the parking lot, or pulling a magazine out of his jacket. Other times our fathers helped us with Latin because they once studied it  – and I quote- back in the day. Again, when we went to live alone, we knew that before calling the plumber or the electrician, the number we needed to call – in case of problems – was his.

We are very thankful for what our fathers have done (and keep doing) for us. Yet, sometimes the hardest part is just showing them how much. You know how mothers melt at any sign of affection. WIth fathers, it is more difficult and more often than not we can’t quite express our gratitude the way we wish.

When March 19 – Father’s Day – approaches, we have so many expectations. We want to give them the perfect gift, showing that we know them well, that we listened to them when they described an object that caught their attention a few days ago. Understanding that even if they do not express any desire for a gift, it is necessary.

If you intend on purchasing a gift for your father, read on. We thought about all of your dads, not excluding anyone! Dynamic and sporty men, authentic workaholics (even more than you!), admirers of good wine, fanatics of technology or traditionalists. We have suggestions for each one of them, so you can complete the difficult task of gift shopping and successfully surprise them, as they have done so many times with us.  

As when as children our eyes gleamed with joy, wondering how Dad had found out what your secret wish was: that is our goal for this day! Enjoy!


Via Melzo, 36

12 idee regalo per la festa del Papà - Milano

Have you spent your childhood pedaling with your father around Parco Sempione? Then One Off Store is the one for you, positioning itself as a real reference point for those who want to experience the city in a dynamic and energetic way, for tireless urban bikers and travelers. If your father is perpetually on the move and every month he is at the office, you’re in the right place. Functionality, design and innovation are the cornerstones of all the brands selected by One Off Store. Backpacks and messengers from the renowned Brooks England brand, Douchebags suitcases and 24Bottles water bottles are the smartest answer to everyday travel needs, while for those who security is important – they can choose among POC and Carrera helmets, mix of design and lightness.


Corso Buenos Aires (Ang. Caretta 1)

12 idee regalo per la festa del Papà - Milano

Quality, elegance and versatility are in the DNA of Boggi Milano. Adding a sporty twist to accompany the Cosmopolitan Businessman in every moment of his day. If you have a (very) particular father regarding his clothing, whether it’s office or free time, Boggi Milano is the perfect choice for this occasion. If you want to focus on accessories, the leather backpack with an internal laptop pocket is an intelligent solution for those who never separate from their PC. You can also grab the Aria jacket, with a weight of only 350 g which is very light and wrinkle-free. Perfect for those who travel often and need to pack it in their suitcase.


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 4

12 idee regalo per la festa del Papà - Milano

An institution since 1775, like the living room of Milan, art books are chosen from these shelves. A magical place where the volumes touch the high ceiling and the atmosphere is filled with culture. A proclaimed Bottega Storica of Milan, this is a milestone in the history of Milan. Born as a publishing house, its authors include Kierkegaard and Freud. If you’re father is a lover of art and painting, the Bocca Library is the address for you. Imagine your dad sitting in his favorite leather chair and think about the satisfaction of having given him the book he is leafing through. It will be hard to make a mistake when purchasing anything from this library!


Via Mercato, 3

12 idee regalo per la festa del Papà - Milano

A microcosm of color, fabrics of the highest quality and impeccable finishes. The Camiceria Piccolo is a paradise for those who have made shirts their distinctive marks and are constantly on the frantic search for a product that can satisfy any request. Here you do not choose a shirt from the exhibitor, but you participate in the creation of a sartorial masterpiece of exceptional workmanship. The encryption is done by hand and the buttons are strictly in mother-of-pearl. If your father has made the jacket-shirt combination a way of life, take him to Via Mercato. The best Neapolitan sartorial tradition in Milan, between high ceilings and marble floors.


Via Solferino, 42

12 idee regalo per la festa del Papà - Milano

Five rooms, a 500 square meter winery and more than 3000 wine labels. This is Enoteca Cotti. Not to mention whiskey, grappa, rum, vodka and cognac. A historic bulwark of Milanese “good drinks” it is located in the exclusive Brera district. Right in the heart of old Milan, the Art Nouveau walls of this location are home to the best Italian winemaking tradition.  If you want to buy a bottle – whether it is a Henriot champagne, of which they are exclusive importers in Milan, or a collectible port – drive to Via Solferino. In addition to wine products, you will also find a large gastronomic department, with foie gras, caviar and truffle-based recipes.


Via Marco Formentini, 2

12 idee regalo per la festa del Papà - Milano

The East, and a Thousand and One Nights. Precious essence and a riot of gold. Are you curious about perfumes from distant lands? In the historic heart of Milan, in the Brera district, you will have the chance to discover them. Zhor, is a luxury perfumery and boutique where olfactory hedonism is encouraged. The choice of whether to leave behind a refined, immediately recognizable trail or a scent that speaks a Levantine language. From Jadab Nektar, So0ud fragrance, an alchemy of flowers, whiskey, spices and woody notes, or Tabac Noir, intense and classy, ​​which recounts the warmth of the earth and the smell of damp tobacco leaf.


Via Melzo, 34

12 idee regalo per la festa del Papà - Milano

A shop that we would imagine in Mayfair or in Chelsea, immersed in the classiest districts of London.  For those who ideally feel like a subject of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, the must-see address in the city can only be British Box. In addition to displaying the most beloved products from the United Kingdom, from sweets to leather goods, it represents a bulwark of shaving art. Geo F. Trumpers, Murdock London, and Penhaligon’s London, some of the most appreciated brands in the world. If you already feel this is the perfect shop to choose your Father’s Day gift, know that you can also find ties, braces and other accessories for the contemporary gentleman!


Corso Buenos Aires, 53

12 idee regalo per la festa del Papà - Milano

Bottega Storica Milanese, specialized in the sale of fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerballs and pencils. In the age of digitization, many claim that manual writing is even more important, especially when perfecting the spelling and carefully choosing the right paper. If your father owns an inkwell and claims that there is a pen for every occasion, which he cleverly extracts from the inside pocket of his jacket, then there is no better choice for Father’s Day. From the classic Montblanc and Aurora, to the sporty Porsche Design. Through calligraphic or collectible pens, the choice is practically unlimited.  Also selling manuals for calligraphy, a welcomed addition for those who are writing perfectionists!


Via Brera, 4

12 idee regalo per la festa del Papà - Milano

The Milanese of the nineteenth century printed wedding invitations here, and it was known that the most beautiful paper, in Milan, was from Pettinaroli. 138 years later, we go to Via Brera, 4 to be immersed in good taste and tradition, admiring leather goods, antique prints, vintage and modern world maps. If this Father’s Day you want to make a gift linked to tradition, in an address intimately connected to our city, choose Pettinaroli. Some of Pettinaroli’s timeless proposals include desk accessories for the tireless workaholic, writing paper for those who still entrust their thoughts to paper and ex libris customized for assiduous readers.


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 82

12 idee regalo per la festa del Papà - Milano

For many of us, the cigar aroma is inextricably linked to childhood, where pipe puffs have been the center of many designs. For those who like to treat themselves to this vice from time to time, the smell of tobacco and the wood that covers the furnishings of Noli, Bottega Storica since 1927, are certainly not new. If your father is one of those old fashioned gentlemen who at the end of a dinner hopes that someone will pull out the list of cigars, you’re in the right place. Montecristo, Romeo Y Julieta and Bolivar are just some of the names sold here. A paradise for pipe lovers, including artisans or the best brands, such as Castello or Dunhill, are present in this historic shop.


Piazza del Liberty, 1

12 idee regalo per la festa del Papà - Milano

They tried to open up StarTac, now they want to synchronize iCloud with the microwave. Yes, dads have become technological. They get excited with every new Apple accessory – even if we are embarrassed to admit it – they often understand more than us. When it comes to innovation and IT progress, it is impossible not to refer to Apple. Even more so in Milan, where the innovative and futuristic Apple Piazza Liberty retail space represents the best Italian expression of the brand. If you have heard your father praising the AirPods, or the fact that we are already on the fourth Apple Watch series, head to Piazza Liberty!


Corso Magenta, 1

12 idee regalo per la festa del Papà - Milano

For the forerunners of the modern concept of grooming, even before the barber shops invaded the city and a beard longer than 3 mm became socially acceptable. The Lorenzi Cutlery was a bulwark of quality for those who wanted to devote some attention to shaving. Bottega Storica, founded in 1919, is the address for those looking for handmade soaps, shaving creams, lotions, balsams, classic aftershaves, razors and brushes of all kinds. As the name implies, it is a “cutlery”. In addition to the range in grooming, at Corso Magenta 1 there are also goodies like Champagne sabers, cigar cutters and multi-purpose knives, including the famous Victorinox!

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