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The 10 best flower shops in Milan

To "say it with a flower" is not so simple: to avoid making any mistakes, here are our addresses for the perfect floral bouquet!

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In every flower, there is a thought that speaks to you: this is why choosing the right florist is crucial. When you open the doors of a flower shop, a fragrant and colorful world emerges. Made up of flowers, plants, and pottery vases along with private corners to write a note. 

Going to the florist is one of those traditions that makes the mind immediately rush to scenes of d’antan, black and white films, and takes us back to when Grandma advised us to bring a plant everytime we received an invitation. Arriving with a bouquet of flowers or a plant is certainly a vintage gesture, but at the same time its like a business card, which says a lot about you.

For those who do not know how to navigate the delicate world of flowers, the 10 addresses we have selected are very helpful. Enchanted gardens, unexpected courtyards that reveal flowery corners, and even concept stores, historic institutions and new proposals. Here you will find only the best varieties, fresh and seasonal.

Imagine your soulmate coming out of the office and being welcomed by a bouquet of flowers, or arriving at a date with a bouquet behind your back, revealing it as you approach. Reminiscent of scenes from another era, but with timeless charm. If you are intrigued by the idea of surprising a special person, do so with a flower…but choose these florists!


Piazza S. Marco, 8

I 10 negozi di fiori migliori di Milano

A flower shop in the heart of Brera, a reference point for lovers of roses and orchids. An elegant shop, where you can translate your emotions into the language of flowers. Rare plants and cut flowers mingle with each other, offering those who rely on a refined and unprecedented show something special. The love for nature that you breathe between these colorful walls is interpreted through floral design, illuminating the story you wish to tell to the recipient of the gift. Every moment of your choice will be followed with care and passion: Nicola Lami, owner of Lami Fiori, wants those who enter his shop to be immersed in a wild rose garden, experiencing total symbiosis with nature.


Via Carmagnola, 8

I 10 negozi di fiori migliori di Milano

Once in the Isola area, let yourself be guided by the scent of flowers. You will be led to Offfi, a greenhouse in Via Carmagnola. Mario Nobile’s mission, founder of Offfi, is to bring a touch of romance into the life of those who rely on him for their choice of flowers. It is an enchanted place where flowers dominate the fireplace and a retro-looking bookcase. Here, Mario creates, experiments, and has fun. Offering not only flowers, there are artisanal vases from Provence, along with a variety of plants from all over the world. Simply to open the door of Offfi will fill your eyes with wonder, entrusting Mario to complete the perfect composition.


Vicolo Lavandai, 6

I 10 negozi di fiori migliori di Milano

Exactly the kind of store that we would hope to find in one of the most famous historic districts in Milan. Set in the heart of Navigli, at IFIORINELLARETE, you can focus on originality or buy a single flower. The name encloses a meaning which makes it so unique, their grids are intertwined as a custodian of flowers, customizable and intended for multiple uses. IFIORINELLARETE, this is the address for those who want to be enchanted by the changing of seasons and the gifts offered by nature!


Via Santa Croce, 21

I 10 negozi di fiori migliori di Milano

In the shadow of Sant’Eustorgio, there is a small flower garden, nestled between the historic houses of Ticinese: a stan of  color that attracts attention, almost possible to ignore. It is not a simple florist: Clori Home and Flowers is an architect of atmospheres, where flowers and plants replace bricks, creating dreamy and fairytale atmospheres. Exotic plants and wildflowers reveal the beauty of their asymmetry through unexpected combinations. But, its their bouquets that have attracted us the most: contained in tin boxes, joined with string, adding an unexpected quid to each floral gift, thanks to the inspiration of Francesca and Francesco.


Via Tortona, 31

I 10 negozi di fiori migliori di Milano

If they wrote a fragrant poem, it would be called FiorDiTortona. The shop was stumbled upon by chance, walking in search of unexpected corners. We would like to be the only ones who share this secret. Just cross over the courtyard and you will be exposed to a floral Eden filled with unexpected magic. An enchanted place where every thought concerning flowers is realized. Tell Elise and Paola Dal Latte -who welcome you- how you imagine the composition for your loved one. Your floral desire will become concrete, embellished by their touch. Here they listen, compose, and experiment. Alas, spending  few minutes in this floral shop is practically a gift for yourself.


Via Vincenzo Monti, 36

I 10 negozi di fiori migliori di Milano

A tree-lined street, where the frequent passage of historic trams gives a glimpse of the Milan of the past. A flower shop whose windows are like the siren’s song: you can try to resist, but yielding is inevitable. Michela Pozzato has implemented in her shop, Fiori, a love for every season, flower and variety. If the single flower carries in itself an inextinguishable beauty, for those who turn to her, Michela wants to propose the unparalleled beauty of mixing new combinations. Exalting each other like brushstrokes in a painting. A place for those looking for refined compositions, made of precious nuances and exquisite detail, which also becomes an oasis of quiet and serenity.


Corso Garibaldi, 18

I 10 negozi di fiori migliori di Milano

Can flowers and sushi be in the same sentence? Yes, if you choose to buy from Frida’s, the most cozy flower shop there is. Shaped by the creative mind of Alessandra Santi, it is a boutique that reinterprets the concept of flowers through cone and hat packs, bouquets and romantic boxes. Going back to the sushi, which in this case has nothing to do with the rice and salmon rolls, instead it is a basket of strong impact, filled with flowers, defining their “composition for excellence”. This wins because it is simple, and always manages to initiate a smile. They say that the best gifts come in smaller boxes… well, it is the same for flowers!


Via Pastrengo, 9

I 10 negozi di fiori migliori di Milano

An allusive meeting between nature, art and design takes place at Numero9. A contemporary atelier, minimal and essential, with a well-defined objective: the flowers are the undisputed priority. Once entered, it is difficult to think of something different, thanks to the suggestions and emotions that these authentic artists are able to evoke. Giulio Guazzoni and Andrea Daneri seek inspiration from the geometry within nature, of which they exalt the most primitive essence. Their compositions are based on the idea of purity, which enhance the flowers without distorting the essence. Walking through Pastrengo, let yourself be enchanted by the clash of glass, cement, and a variety of flowers presented by Numero9.


Via Andrea Solari, 4

I 10 negozi di fiori migliori di Milano

It seems that passing in front of Maryflor, you forget everything and search for a valid excuse to enter and get lost in the well-kept green space of via Solari. Established in 1996, Maryflor was born from Antonio Gerardi’s intuition. With great attention to the seasonality of the flowers, Maryflor’s staff has the ability to assemble compositions, bouquets or decks that will leave you speechless. But, do not worry, because the flowers will speak for you! Here they prefer combinations of the same type of flowers, messengers of emotions. Language is interpreted in a refined and innovative key, enhancing its balance and natural harmony.


Via Privata Cuccagna, 2

I 10 negozi di fiori migliori di Milano

For those who feel nostalgic for the air and the symphony of scents that only the countryside can produce, a walk to the Cascina Cuccagna is always an excellent solution. Within these walls, Irene Cuzzaniti has enriched the atmosphere with a project that is difficult to label: La Fioreria. Courses and presentations focused on nature come together with a fresh floral selection, giving life to a place of dreams and sharing. Here you will also find forgotten essences, biological plants and uncommon flowers coming from nurseries and virtuous producers. La Fioreria is a refuge where time flows, allowing for a perfectly integrated nature with our metropolis!

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