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5 Beauty Tips from SPAZIO IKOS for the summer

The professionals of the renowned Milanese beauty center guide us to properly face the new season

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Here we go again. The temperature is beginning to rise, the magnolias in the parks will begin to flourish and the desire for a weekend away becomes unstoppable. Light clothes, blouses and sandals take the place of coats, jackets and boots. The problems, however, are always the same: winter has made us lazy, as we neglect body care and nutrition. The result?  Our skin is dry and the extra pounds we weren’t ready for tend to ambush us. But don’t worry, to overcome this difficult transition phase and prepare ourselves for the spring we have turned to Spazio IKOS. For almost thirty years it has been the center of professional skincare that offers its customers personal care services.

The owner Barbara Petito gave us valuable advice to follow taken from her mission statement: to re-educate people by making them aware of how fundamental it is to plan in advance. Knowing the techniques to prevent and the remedies to cure imperfections, blemishes and skin problems is essential for the products to have the desired effect. Once you have learned the good habits, you will be able to take action by choosing the treatments that best suit your needs.

Here are 5 Spazio IKOS beauty tips to better prepare you for the new season.



5 Beauty tips di Spazio Ikos per la primavera - Torino

A tan makes you feel more beautiful and returns the healthy appearance subtracted from the winter greyness. To avoid temporary or permanent damage it is necessary to sunbathe properly, avoiding unnecessary stress. Light baths are highly recommended: they consist of sun exposure every day for about twenty minutes in the early morning or late afternoon, when the rays are delicate and there is no need to apply a protection. In fact, light is not indispensable only for the photosynthesis of plants but also for the body. It is a real engine that will awaken and reactivate vital functions gradually. When the skin is trained to defend itself from the sun and to develop melanin you will be ready to spend the entirety of your summer days outdoors, without forgetting to avoid the rays in the hottest hours and frequently apply moisturizing and protective creams. Don’t make the mistake of sprinkling yourself with very high protection without having made the right preparation. This would just take away your skin’s ability to defend itself, making it even more vulnerable. To help you avoid sunburn and premature aging Spazio IKOS offers the Sun Spa Viso and Sun Spa Body treatments. A peel calibrated to the needs of everyone followed by specific strong hydration. The advice is to undergo one or two sessions about 15-20 days before sun exposure based on your current health.


5 Beauty tips di Spazio Ikos per la primavera - Torino

To help the body get rid of all the toxins accumulated in the winter months due to stress, poor diet, smog and absent physical activity, nothing is as effective as a detox program. Articulated in four or six sessions, these paths contribute to lightening the body from everything that has poisoned it, restoring a more toned and luminous skin, a more active metabolism and a better functioning of the organs. The benefits on the quality of sleep should not be underestimated, often disturbed by the efforts made during the night to eliminate excess substances. Also in this case, following a few basic guidelines will determine the success of the detox program. Spazio IKOS rushes to your aid with salt bandages, mud treatments and intense skin rehydration. Combined with a healthy diet, they will be invaluable allies of your well-being.


5 Beauty tips di Spazio Ikos per la primavera - Torino

To restore vigor, elasticity and firmness to the skin, Spazio IKOS suggests dry brushing. This is an ancient method that consists of brushing the body from the ends towards the heart, preferably in the morning before showering and in the evening before going to sleep. If practiced consistently, it provides numerous and obvious benefits. The friction of the skin reactivates the microcirculation, recomposes the tissue and stimulates biochemical reactions that restore its natural functions. The effect is that of a tingling and a slight redness, a symptom that the treatment was performed correctly. It is a simple gesture, easily done at home, that should be included in your daily beauty routine. Spazio IKOS also proposes a precise protocol that is realized with four different types of brushes according to the area of ​​the body to be treated, from the most robust for the legs to the most delicate for the face. The triad, brush-shower-cream, will help you to eliminate excess cells, purify the skin and combat imperfections. This year the swimsuit test will no longer be a big problem.


5 Beauty tips di Spazio Ikos per la primavera - Torino

If there is a part of the body with which it is inevitable to come to terms every day, requires a lot of care and often endures great stress, it is certainly the face. It is no coincidence therefore that among the most recurrent requests of Spazio IKOS customers, face brightening stands out. Even more sought after than anti-wrinkle ones, treatments of this type make it possible to obtain a perfect complexion, eliminate spots, dullness and all the imperfections that force us to pile on more make-up. The goal is to achieve a uniform complexion, luminous and naturally cared for, even when you just wake up. To do this, vitamin C-based treatments are very useful, also excellent for sun preparation and to help eliminate skin discoloration. A dose of health for your face that with proper care will return to shine like never before.


5 Beauty tips di Spazio Ikos per la primavera - Torino

Spring is also known to instill the desire for colors, thanks to the flowers that bloom and sunny days. To give free rein to creativity, here is the Spazio IKOS Manicure and Pedicure Bar, where you can prepare yourself to show off well-groomed and gaudy nails, without sacrificing good taste. The famous phrase by Coco Chanel states, “Fashion passes, style remains.” Go ahead, then, to reds, oranges, rosés, timeless and super-feminine, undoubtedly preferred to shades proposed by passing fashions or the outdated habit of matching enamel with other accessories. Give up the idea of ​​accompanying  your nail color to a ceremonial dress, purse or sandals. Enamel is a real accessory that must communicate a part of your personality with determination. You can have fun choosing between shapes, finishes and nuances with original and witty names. We were captured by the reds “Coca-Cola” and “I’m not a waitress!” Irresistible.


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