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The 5 best set dinners on New Years Eve in Milan

Here are our five tips on how to spend the night with some flawless gourmet solutions

Don’t have an exotic destination lined up for New Years’ Eve? Don’t want to spend the night sweating in a nightclub in Milan? Here are our five tips on how to spend the night with some flawless gourmet solutions.

Though you may be tempted to host something at home with friends, not all of us don’t have the space for a big dinner party, and no one wants to ring in the new year cleaning up the mess from the night before. At some point the idea to dine out has probably crossed your mind.

Here are our five tips to enjoy dinner with friends, or as a couple, with a perfect balance of taste and titillation.


Gesto | Fai il tuo - Milano
30€ per person (excluding drinks)
For casual dining, that’s also vegan friendly (!), we highly recommend Gesto – Fai Il Tuo in Porta Venezia in Milan. We love this place for its originality, quality of service, and the fresh produce used. An eight course dinner is on offer at a more than reasonable price. There’s also the possibility to order the same menu to take home and share with friends!


Erba Brusca
70€ per person (excluding drinks)
Erba Brusca in Alzaia Naviglio Grande is serving up a six course set menu dinner. For those who have brought their dancing shoes, you’ll have the chance to dance after dinner on the covered veranda until dawn. There’s a dress code – HIP HOP NATION vs SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. The best part? It’s BYOB. That’s right you can bring your own bottle of Champagne to ring in the new year!


Villa Necchi alla Portalupa
120€ per person (drinks included)
If you want to spend the night far away from the chaos Milan’s city center, we suggest Villa Necchi alla Portalupa, the sister homestead of Milan’s Villa Necchi Campiglio. Set on beautiful grounds dating back to 800 AD, in Parco di Ticino, Villa Necchi alla Poortalupa has reopened to the public following four years of painstaking renovation. The villa is characterized by an elegant, magical atmosphere, sumptuous but at the same time relaxed. There is an overnight package offered for €320 which includes a gourmet dinner for two and an overnight stay in a deluxe room with breakfast. There will also be live music during dinner, followed by dancing and entertainment. A perfect and convenient way to experience the excitement of a charming dinner in the middle of nature.


Osteria del Castello
140€ per person (drinks included)
Thinking of taking a little trip? L’Osteria del Castello Bertario in Corneliano – Trucazzono will surprise you. The restaurant is unique in its setting, furnishing details, and even in the air that you breathe. It is situated in an old court dating back to 300 AD, and has been restored leaving exposed brick, wooden beams and retro furniture. Run by three brothers, L’Osteria del Castello this year have devised a menu full of hearty traditionally Milanese food (think polenta, salami, nervetti (calf tendons), sausage). And to work off all that food there’s an after party organized by the staff of Elita, with an open bar.


Ristorante Seta - Mandarin Oriental Hotel Milano
Mandarin Garden | 210€ a persona bevande incluse
Ristorante Seta | 490€ a persona bevande incluse
Looking for a luxurious, gourmet, Michelin starred dinner? Look no further than the offerings of the Mandarin Oriental. Wehterh you choose the upmarket Ristorante Seta or the Mandarin Garden, You could not choose a more luxurious place to ring in 2017. While you may have to budget a little more, this could be the best way to get a love one’s sympathy for the rest of the year!

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