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5 bistros for your private events

When the restaurant is like your home, but there's better food

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Everybody loves big dinners: there’s nothing better than sitting down to eat with lots of friends, lots of wine and many delicacies. Once, in the spacious homes of parents and grandparents, long tables and lavish banquets were laid out, but today, with the life on rent we conduct, we no longer have master rooms, guest rooms or time to cook. The only thing we can do to not renounce these special occasions, is to find the appropriate space to host our private event.

The city is full of restaurants and bistrots that offer catering, bookable rooms and customizable menus, which is why we decided to include five places that are not too overcrowded or demanding but with beautiful locations and menus that will make you proud of your dinner.

Bistrò 96

Corso Magenta, 96

5 bistrot per i tuoi eventi privati - Bistro96

The Bistrò 96 is a tiny, delightful little place with a small, discreet space and the same atmosphere of an easy-chic living room, if the living room was in Paris. In addition to the regular service, Bistrò 96 also takes care of organizing any type of private event, from breakfast to dinner, and is a perfect setting for special occasions thanks to a personalized and attentive service that never gives up style. There are succulent menus designed for the occasion but if necessary you can establish a new, all customized one, and thanks to the option “home bistrot” you can bring catering services and a personal chef directly to your home. Perfect for any type of event.

Da Paoletta

Via Copernico, 12

5 bistrot per i tuoi eventi privati - Da Paoletta

Not a restaurant but a social eating place. Meaning? You contact the landlady through the EatWith portal, set menus and times for dinner (but, why not?, also lunches or brunch) and go to Mrs. Paola’s house as if you were a guest. The lady of the house and her husband Pippo (who is the wine expert) will welcome you and you can sit at the table as if you were really in the family. The best of Da Paoletta is the gastronomic research carried out on the territory, mostly Calabrian, by the lady in person who knows all the producers and suppliers who stock her pantry. The result? A Lucullian dinner, in the best tradition of Southern Italy.

Sulle Nuvole

Via Garigliano, 12

5 bistrot per i tuoi eventi privati - Sulle Nuvole

It all starts with Chiara and Francesco, two brothers, who decide to launch the project of a gourmet bistro that makes its guests feel at home. Then there is the chef Zampa, multi-faceted connoisseur of the territory, its products and its gastronomy. Finally, the restaurant, a quiet and relaxing space, where the quality of the kitchen can already be perceived from the aperitif. With its small size and familiar vibes, Sulle Nuvole is the ideal place to organize a dinner or celebrate an event. The restaurant has a certain capacity (up to fifty seats) and you can establish the composition of the menu, from top to bottom, with chef and owners. Impossible to be disappointed.

Vasiliki Kouzina

Via Clusone, 6

Vasiliki Kouzina - Milano

The name of the place, in Greek, means “The kitchen of the king” and is very indicative. Over the years Vasiliki has become a cult restaurant with its home-made specialties and its warm environment, with plants, hanging lamps and red walls. Those that are found here are all traditional Greek dishes, made with the skill of a gourmet bistro, but with typical and above all simple ingredients. For your dinner you could book the whole place, but if you are in a small number take the private room inside. You can decide the menu with the manager in person and enjoy a truly unique dining experience.

Björk Swedish Brasserie

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 20

5 bistrot per i tuoi eventi privati - Bjork

Another perfect spot for your private event can be the Björk, where you will find the best of Northern European cuisine in a setting halfway between the petit bistro and gourmet gastronomy. You will find a lot of gourmet food and the ingredients of the dishes are exotic enough to make your imagination travel: elk tartare, wild salmon, reindeer fillet and Mjuk Pepparkaka, the spiced Swedish cake. The place is very popular (so if you want to book it all do it at least ten days in advance) and comfortably holds twenty-five people in its two rooms. If you want a dinner with that particular je-ne-sais-quoi, this is the right place.

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