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5 places in Porta Romana to get a good drink

Pay attention to these addresses: they could become your new favorite places in Porta Romana

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“Milan to drink.” This is how the Amaro Ramazzotti advertisement proclaimed it in the mid-1980s. Then, that same advertising phrase became an expression that has taken the form of an indelible tattoo on Milan, heralding the beginning of a new era for a city that is just waiting to be discovered, again and again. The Milanese scene is now dotted with drink offerings, and between legendary cocktail bars and more recent openings, it is often difficult to find your way around every neighborhood. Today, we want to tell you about the places in Porta Romana that have amazed us, and that keep the promise to make us drink well.

Between charming outdoor terraces, exotic Mixology flavors, French wines, and champagne and beer apertifis, here’s what you need to keep an eye on in the area.


Via Tiraboschi, 2

5 locali in Porta Romana dove bere bene - Milano

Dhole is also the name of a red dog or a cuon, a wild animal similar to the jackal, originating in Central Asia. A crossroads of aromas, spices and unusual combinations, Dhole is a reflection of the exotic continent discovered by customers when they taste their gourmet delicacies and try the unique drinks rich with Eastern tradition and a contemporary touch. Within its walls, it is a cocktail bar that launches you on an ideal journey through the eastern lands with refined dishes and Mixology mysteries as one-way tickets to a remote slice of the world. Each of the bartenders’ preparations are dedicated to a different country and are distinguished by unexpected ingredients that on paper may seem bold but upon tasting prove surprisingly delicious. Sip, for example, a Dǒu in Vietnam, a Zavtrak at the borders of Russia, or travel to the Kingdom of Lan Xang for a dip in the dynastic past of Laos.

Un Posto a Cascina Cuccagna

Via Cuccagna, 2

5 locali in Porta Romana dove bere bene - Milano

Until not long ago it was a decaying and abandoned space, but now it is a meeting place, a cultural workshop, a kitchen, a bar, and a guesthouse. Cascina Cuccagna is the result of a restoration project for the eighteenth-century urban farmhouse of the same name. Inside, among shops, a nature travel agency, and the Cuccagna workshop, you will find Un Posto. This bar-restaurant’s menu is now a landmark in Porta Romana for those who want to immerse themselves in a green oasis, or sip a cold beer (on tap or in the bottle), a cocktail, or a glass of wine to toast to summer.


Via Cadore, 38

5 locali in Porta Romana dove bere bene - Milano

When you feel like embarking on a trip to France, just look for street number 38 in Via Cadore and a neon sign that leaves no doubt that you’ve found it. Vinothèque is a small domain of wines exclusively from the land of love and the Eiffel Tower. It is a wine shop that boasts a wide selection of excellent labels of red, white, sparkling, sweet, and champagne predominantely from Alsace, Bordeaux, and Burgundy. Here, an aperitif (paired with a platter of meats and cheeses) and a quality after-dinner meal are guaranteed.

Bere Buona Birra

Via Adige, 13


Craft beer is a serious thing. The most picky on the topic, but still orphans of the place of the heart, know that they can find their happy place in a pub and informal beer garden in the area, named (not by chance) Bere Buona Birra. The wooden counter reigns supreme in this venue and hosts different varieties of draft beers, from Norwegian Pils to exotic hops. Even the bottled beers, lined up, allude to a meticulously chosen flight of flavors, colors and designs. The choice is yours.

Il Cavallante

Via Lodovico Muratori, 3

5 locali in Porta Romana dove bere bene - Milano

Only a few steps from the iconic Porta Romana arch, The Cavallante is another must for wine lovers. The warm and welcoming environment, which plays with dark colors, is home to an excellent selection of labels. The wine glasses are competitively priced and blend perfectly with the (albeit few) dishes offered by the kitchen. Here you can drink at the bar, like old times, or sit around the tables scattered about the wine shop. If you are unable to decide, let the host advise you. He will know what is right for you.

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