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5 quick and chic gifts for every girl

Nothing says "I love you" like an unexpected gift

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What is the season of gifts? Christmas? Wrong. When you have a girlfriend you love, the gift season lasts all year. And everyone knows that a happy couple exchanges gifts more or less continuously. it’s obvious that every gift shouldn’t be an object that lasts a lifetime, reserve those for birthdays and anniversaries (if you remember when they arrive). But if the only occasion for which you are making a gift is to thank her for being part of your every day life every and to be the first face you see when you wake up in the morning, a gift can also be simply something beautiful, something that you know she’ll love, will come in handy to her or just improve her day with a nice thought.

This is why we thought of writing a guide on where to buy simple and quick gifts on which you won’t have to fret over but that will strike her right to the heart. Gifts that are perfect not only for special happenings but for each day of the year and, above all, for every occasion and season.

Pati Jò

Via Del Torchio, 16


First female lingerie shop in Milan specialized in bra fitting services, an innovative tailoring method to find the ideal bra for the body of each woman. The goal of Jo and Patti, creators of the brand, is to help each woman discover the best model of lingerie to enhance their body, and by doing so, make them appreciate themselves more. You can give your girlfriend a Gift Certificate that can be purchased at the boutique or by e-mail, indicating the name and surname of the recipient and inserting a personalized message. She will be able to redeem it within a year and book her free bra fitting appointment at the boutique.



In the floral field, us men are often a disaster. A bouquet of flowers is a gallant gesture that will never go out of style. But who has time to go to the store, pick flowers, store them and then deliver them? Bloovery solves every problem:finishing all your operations you will take a minute or so. Through chat-bot Messenger, online shop or app you can choose your bouquet, add a ticket and set the delivery time. Never been so easy.

The White Medispa

Via Sebeto, 1


This minimalist jewel in white stands out for its simply excellent medical treatments, which are also the perfect gift for every wellness lover. And thanks to Gift Vouchers you can give each of these treatments to your girlfriend, or treat yourselves to a couple’s afternoon. Fully equipped for medical and beauty treatments, White Medispa really has everything you could look for in a wellness center.

Aesop Brera

Piazza del Carmine, 1


This shop will change your idea of ​​beauty shopping. Inside you will find all kinds of products for the care of the face, body and hair. The staff is made up of real consultants who speak multiple languages ​​and are always ready to advise you and give you a hand. Their gift kits are boxes with an elegant and vaguely retro design that can be adapted to any type of recipient, matching the products to the personality of those who receive the gift. If it’s a special gift you’re looking for, you can not go wrong here.

Maschio Gioielli

Via S. Pietro All’Orto, 17


A small shop with a linear but chic style, the same style of the creations that can be admired inside, arranged on the tables that fill the room. Jewels that delicately embellish, adapting themselves to the life of a modern woman. Made predominantly in 9k gold but also in silver, with natural and synthetic stones, they will be perfect gifts: precious but not pretentious, minimalistic but not anonymous and, above all, customizable with letters, phrases or drawings.

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