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5 tips for a 2020 without worries

How to face the new year, without labels and outside your usual routines

December marks the end of this effervescent 2019, the year that has gone through a sparkling Milan faster than ever, with new openings, restyling of iconic names of the food and wine scene and a rich calendar of activities, for all tastes. Among the hectic days that follow one another under the banner of the last gift races, among the notes of Christmas melodies and golden illuminations, the list of new sparkling proposals for an unprecedented 2020 parades through the pages of our agenda. Goal number one? Finding oneself, removing the stress, constraints, commonplaces and negativity that condition our daily lives between tight commitments and rhythms, in favor of that spirit of freedom, experimentation and authenticity, in a whirlwind of new experiences, out of the ordinary.

New year, new life, therefore. An invitation to face with enthusiasm those blank pages that from January will become the starting point for a kaleidoscopic urban exploration, towards a Milan that’s ready to surprise us. At the top of the glasses, the countdown has begun. Discover our five tips: less stress, prejudices, sacrifices and labels, for a 2020 without worries.


Tricolor heart and cosmopolitan soul, Milan is an incredible starting point for a tour around the world among perfumes, flavors and multifaceted cultures. Bite into the new year without preconceptions, at tables set in authentic restaurants. Immerse yourself in the colorful streets of a traditional Chinese market at Maoji Street Food or lose yourself in the fumes of Little Lamb Hot Pot & BBQ, between meat, fish or vegetables to cook inside broth-filled pots.

Maoji Street Food - Milano Maoji Street Food a Milano. Photo Credits © Specchi Magazine

An opulent Lebanese-style vegetarian dinner awaits you at Fairouz or go to Yum for a Philippine rice and protein meal. Solid wood, bamboo and bright colors are Vietnamonamour’s calling card, while Shri Ganesh will accompany you to discover spiced Indian flavors. Riad Yacout is an explosion of Moroccan taste and entertainment, in a combination of belly dancing and strong flavors, while among low tables and colorful cushions you will find yourself in Thailand, from Bussarakham. American dream? The Brisket will surprise your taste buds with smoked meat cuts, according to the true Texan tradition. And for a taste of the Hawaiian waters, the Best Pokes in Milan are waiting for you.


Like any self-respecting inauguration, this new chapter also requires a dinner or a toast to a successful start. This year, don’t settle for the usual “old but gold,” giving up on taste and exclusivity. Iconic and glamorous locations are ready to welcome you. For a toast as tradition commands, the famous Camparino in Galleria will serve you the authentic Campari and Seltz, which has been sipped in the shadow of the Madonnina since 1932. Talea Cocktail Bar, with its alcoholic sartorial creations inspired by nature, will be your alchemical lucky charm, while the extravagant cocktails of Nottingham Forest will take you on an exotic journey to the lands of Indiana Jones. 1930, the Milanese secret place inspired by American prohibition will wrap your wishes in a fascinating aura of mystery, where time seems to stand still.

Pairing Experience al Camparino in Galleria Cocktail & Food Pairing Experience al Camparino in Galleria

And for a gourmet date with all the trimmings, pay no attention. Opt for the three Michelin stars from Enrico Bartolini at Mudec, between art and contemporary classicism, or taste the creative and refined cuisine of Andrea Aprea, in the elegant two Michelin star setting of the Vun. And for a glamorous evening with a Mediterranean passion, you’ll be charmed by IT Milano, the fresh recipient of a Michelin star.


In dynamic Milan that transports us in a whirlwind of commitments and activities, the small businesses of everyday life often give us no respite. The supermarket remains packed with customers even at 9 pm, laundromats are closed on Saturdays and the restaurants only answer the phone at meal times. To our rescue, small digital tricks will make 2020 a carefree year, thanks to quick solutions at your fingertips. Would you like to pay for parking without looking for the column and having to hope for enough coins? Moreover, being able to change the stay time during the stop? EasyPark is the right solution for you (download the app here and you will get € 2 discount on the first parking). If, on the other hand, forgetting your wallet is part of your daily routine, the cashless system via the Satispay app is the payment solution that the operator also likes (download the app here to have a € 5 welcome). If, on the other hand, organizing dinners in mouth-watering Milanese restaurants is a huge organizational effort, with OpenTable you don’t even have to pick up the handset to reserve the table. And Mamaclean takes care of the laundry, with collection and home delivery, for clean and fragrant items, every day of the week.


Frantic rhythms and chaotic cities are a source of perpetual agitation. Milan is also this, a combination of elegance, glamor and a lot of hyperactivity. From time to time, therefore, it is necessary to disconnect the plug from its frenzy, avoiding the stress that pervades the urban fabric. Between innovative sharing solutions and regenerating pampering, a 2020 with many relaxation options is underway.

It is known, in terms of parking and traffic, that the city is a real lottery. The ideal solution to speed through the machines and stop without difficulty? Scooters and electric bicycles distributed throughout the city and bookable through an app, thanks to CityScoot (sign up here for 30 minutes for free) and Helbiz (download the app here and enter the 1VFNISH code for 3 free unlocks) for a mobility urban sustainable and rapid. Accumulated tension or nerves on the skin? Just one click and ShapeMe will guarantee you a massage at home, wherever you are. Whether at home or in the office, certified professionals will reinvigorate your senses, thanks to a personalized treatment. And if your sports soul needs an adrenaline rush to escape everyday worries, a game of padel with friends will free your mind and body, in the futuristic setting of City Padel Milano, where four indoor and two outdoor professional fields will host your performances at the last clash.


And for a brilliant New Year, in the name of curiosity and desire to experiment, in a now international Milan that is attentive to the needs of those who live it daily, the aperitif that will anticipate the dinner on December 31st can only be dedicated to authenticity. An authenticity that is found in escaping the schemes, preconceptions, renunciations and compromises, rediscovering oneself far from those famous “labels” that belong to the past.

And in the name of this common thread that will cross 2020, let’s surround ourselves with affections and loved ones, who like us have decided to face the new year with authenticity and conviviality. A philosophy celebrated since 1932 by Campari Soda, a historic single-dose aperitif, whose glass bottle was designed by the futurist Fortunato Depero, inspired by the shape of an inverted chalice. A “labelless” packaging, with an iconic design, which still today invites you to toast a new chapter of our life, outside of the usual schemes.


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