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AmaMi, a pizza like no other

At the table with lightness

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Always in a hurry. Four words that perfectly describe the lifestyle of more or less any inhabitant of a contemporary metropolis but that, in the case of us Milanese, resonate more true than ever. In the continuous urban hurry, mantaining a healthy lifestyle is important, but we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of the pleasures of the table. The trick is to find a compromise between taste and lightness, a compromise that is not too difficult to reach once you are seated at the tables of AmaMi, right next to Porta Nuova.

AmaMi - Milano

The main reason why AmaMi is so popular is obviously that the food is good, in addition to the fact that its location is beautiful: very central, it has a panoramic view, it’s perfect for the lunch break, perfect for those who want to have dinner enjoying the city, especially during the warm season. But another reason that distinguishes this place from all the others is that it manages to perfectly balance the double vocation of gourmet pizzeria and restaurant with excellent results.

AmaMi - Milano

And it’s precisely its pizza that surprised us when we had dinner there. The cuisine of the restaurant as a whole has always followed the seasonality of the food and the variety of the proposal, strictly of Italian origin: this is because the chefs of AmaMi believe in the ingredients, in their protagonism, in their absolute importance. But the ingredients alone are not enough: you need the skill, the audacity and the awareness and, above all, you need the originality and, above all, dedication and love for your own work.

Amami - Murales

This is the reason why the AmaMi pizza doesn’t look like any other. Starting from its shape, for example, which is not round but oval. Starting from its raw ingredients and the way it’s cooked, inspired by a concept that brings traditional pizza into modernity. How is it made? First of all by choosing to cook it without yeast, to make it thin, crunchy and light, a perfect base for letting the ingredients stand out, which is their main role. And to avoid, that the flavors are “burnt”, all the pizzas are cooked in the electric oven, preserving their texture.

AmaMi - Milano

Another distinctive feature is the use of both unrefined flours, richer in fiber and nutrients, such as the millet one, the spelled and cereals one; or the superior quality flours such as Senatore Cappelli. The tastiest is perhaps that of millet, not only because it’s nutritious and rich in protein as well as highly digestible, but also because the pizza chef always prepares this particular dough at the moment. There will be a few extra more minutes of waiting waiting, it’s true, but the result will be a real triumph for your palate.

Amami - Dehors

A triumph of which the responsibles are also the ingredients. The AmaMi team personally selects all suppliers at every change of menu and season, preferring the smallest and most genuine local realities, that have in their philosphy the respect for the environment and the territory. It’s all part of a harmonious unicum, of a unitary concept that marries gastronomy to the vision of nature as a set of factors that depend on each other: the quality of food is a response to the quality of the environment from which it comes. The results? Freshness and continuous search for quality and, above all, no constraints on the order of things: seasonality is an unexceptionable rule.

AmaMi - Milano

What you will experience in front of AmaMi’s pizza is an experience of pure authenticity, true tastes, genuine fragrances. Some examples? The Gran Riserva Mortadella, the only one to be cooked in its own involucre, natural and handmade, that you’ll find on top of the “Favolosa”, the Taggiasca olives, Grana raspadura, Pachino tomatoes, truffles and porcini mushrooms, Croce gorgonzola and authentic fresh bufala mozzarella. But you don’t need big names to demonstrate the quality of the ingredients, which is found in small things, in the common element that is simply enhanced at best thanks to the skill of master pizza chefs who cook it and serve it to the final customer. And if you do not believe us, go and try it.


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