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Atelier Luigi Ciccarelli

An intimate, slick and exclusive space where you'll be pampered like in a fairy tale

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?!”. You can’t help but ask yourself – or at least wonder – if the above mentioned mirrors are the ones in Luigi Ciccarelli’s Atelier, the artistic director of the brand Maison Mamì.

We are in via Fieno (corner with via Achille Mauri), true center of the real Milan, the historical one. And the Atelier (workshop) in question is a space entirely dedicated to you, dear Snow Whites. We’re not talking about clothes, this time, but about your beauty. And the fairest of the land will be who, among you, trusts in Luigi’s alchemy, capable of making your hair blossom like a tulip in springtime.

The diamond tip of the renowned Hair boutiques chain, the signature Maison Mamì, allocated between Milan – in corso Venezia 8 and foro Buonaparte 52 – Forte dei Marmi and Lugano, is an eclectic place designed with him and her in mind, with a special private barber shop at level minus one. The furniture, inspired by 50’s Hollywood, was personally designed, in every detail, by Luigi in person, which marries his passion for beauty, matured over a lifetime of work along side the most important names in high fashion, with another great passion, for design. Armani, Valentino, Versace, Dior, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivienne Westwood, are only some of the prestigious collaborations that have contributed to the growth, through the years, of the talented personality, today head of an empire in aesthetics.

The wait for treatment is a key part of the experience. You’ll be welcomed into an intimate, slick and exclusive space. A velvet sofa hugs you allowing for the time to study the environment: black and white. These colors dominate to give a sense of order, of style. You’ll be sitting there leafing through a magazine and asking yourselves in which spot, of the airy salon, your transformation will happen. Each seat, just like backstage of the best movies, is made up of a table worthy of the most sought after actress, complete with a private screen where 20s images flow by, years in which fashion set forth the trend of feminine transformation that has brought us to today.

The distance between the stations is such to give a feeling of exclusivity, of respect for privacy for the most demanding of clients. On the walls, images of inspiring muses run from top to bottom, giving you an idea of where the fairytale inspiration comes from. You’ll probably be called before the film is over, which didn’t even predict the head massage in the washroom, before having noticed the visible kitchen, where preparations occur with the same care as the most stellar of restaurants and and maybe even before you’ll have really thought about what to do exactly with your look. There’s not much to think about, my dears, he’s got it covered, the Master, with the help of Wella Professionals.

Time flies, maybe too fast and you don’t even notice the wait between one phase and another which actually, incredible but true, you’ll wish lasted even longer. Completely renewed you’ll make your way towards the cashier where you’ll allow for a detailed explanation of the specific products of the Maison Mamì line, which stand out from behind the counter. Le bon vivre (the good life)… now this is it!


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