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5 Healthy Spots Where to Detox your Body after Festive Season

Gain back your vitality and energy and make a green step into the season

Recently we have stepped into new decade with ambitious resolutions, wishes and hopefully also with great dose of optimism for the period to come. No matter what your goals are for coming months, you surely wish to start FRESH. In case you already feel tired just by looking at your ‘to do’ list you might be in need of a little body detox. We are here to help you navigate in the ‘green’ world of Milanese fresh food where you can boost your body with antioxidants and vitamins and rediscover your new YOU!


Piazza Cavour, 7
Corso Italia, 6
Via San Giovanni sul Muro, 9

5 indirizzi salutari per la vostra sessione detox

Great option for take away to enjoy healthy snack on the go or lunch in the office. You can opt for salad of your own choice by choosing either six, eight or ten ingredients and top it up with tasty dressings. Apart from salads you must try their sushi, yogurts, fruit bowls or hot soup of the day. Fresh juices are sold in playful ‘instagramable’ bottles like Forever Young or No Flu For You ☺. This is the right place to get the desired energy kick during the day.


Viale Francesco Crispi, 15
Piazza Gae Aulenti, 1
Viale Piave, 33
Corso di Porta Vittoria, 13
Viale Col di Lana, 5
Via Savona, 25

5 indirizzi salutari per la vostra sessione detox

The secret of Japanese longevity is hiding behind the doors of Macha Café chain with its 7 cozy cafes around Milano making it easy to reach for most milanesi. This café is here for you any time of the day starting with breakfast and finishing with casual dinner. Boost your body at breakfast with energy bowls, acai or macha pancakes. As its name suggests Macha plays central role on their menu served as hot or cold tea, latte, cappuccino, juice, mocktail or dessert. Its green brother avocado can be enjoyed as avo burger, avo salad or avo toast. And this is just the beginning! Lunch or dinner option is colorful super food served as poke bowls or sushi bowls. In cold months when we crave hot food, go for their comforting warm bowls. Once you try them you will definitely be back.


Via Amerigo Vespucci, 1

5 indirizzi salutari per la vostra sessione detox

Good for the body, good for the soul, good for the planet. May you be vegan or not this place will captivate your tastes. Their bowls, soups, pastas and salads are full of colorful veggies and flowers. Freshness is their mantra and all ingredients are carefully selected to offer nutritional balance in each meal. In Soulgreen you won’t even feel guilty after having a big fat burger. Soul burger is plant protein based and full of antioxidants. Vegan dishes are inspired by both Asian as well as Western cuisine and we definitely recommend it for business lunch or dinner.


Via Vincenzo Monti, 15
Via Vigevano, 32

5 indirizzi salutari per la vostra sessione detox

A unique combination of healthy food and innovative tech savy approach to ordering meals this is Al Bacio. In Milano you can enjoy their two locations. Head to Navigli for weekend brunches, lunch and dinner or to Cadorna area for lunch or dinner. Yumminess is the word to describe their quality dishes by transforming traditional Italian cuisine to healthier versions. Whether you are vegetarian, meat maniac or fish lover their menu satisfies everyone. Smart lunch options are quick and easy solution during your work break. Download Al Bacio app for unique experience ordering your meal without paper and communicating with other guests.


Via Spallanzani, on the corner of Viale Regina Giovanna

5 indirizzi salutari per la vostra sessione detox

Love food, live good and don’t miss out on this cozy place. Find your way here for your daily dose of vitamins by sipping on their smoothies and juices full of vitality. Slow squeezing technique is used in order to maintain nutritional values of fruit and veg. Yogurts are prepared either from full fat, low fat or soymilk accompanied by fresh fruits. Their salads are truly detoxifying, rich on veggie proteins combined with superfoods. Concept of this place goes beyond healthy eating and tackles also music, sports and design in order to achieve the right balance in both your body and mind.

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