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The best meat restaurants in Milan

Sharpen your canines, prepare the knives: the meat is served

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The vegan wave has overwhelmed us but the carnivores of the world still resist. When a carnivore looks at the world, the only thing he sees is a giant restaurant. A pig will not be a simple pig, for example, but an assembly of future chops, loin, ribs and sausages. In the same way a beef will not be a beef, but a set of walking fillets and steaks. Also, let’s say it out loud, where is the good meat in Milan? Only at the butchers who have remained faithful to their trade, as they once were, and in the meat restaurants where we know it in the hands of chefs who know exactly what they are doing.

Exploring all the restaurants in the city that specialize in meat we discover a clear predominance of Argentine, Tuscan and Piedmontese places. The Piedmontese can boast their Fassona, and it’s not nothing. The Tuscans, in addition to a thousand-year tradition of meat-cooking, possess that divine miracle that is Fiorentina steak. The Argentineans, needless to say, are famous for their meat that melts in the mouth like butter and their beeves raised in the immensity of the grassy pampas.

To help you discern in this crowd of restaurants for carnivores, we of Flawless Milano, that love our meat very tender and a little bloody, have compiled a list of places to go without risk. It doesn’t matter what place you choose: if it comes from this list, you will make an incredible impression on any carnivore.

Don Juan

Via Altaguardia, 2

I 10 migliori ristoranti di carne a Milano - Don Juan

We give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Many restaurants are close to the quality of Don Juan but nobody really exceeds it. The origin and the quality of the meat is a matter of the utmost importance for the chefs, who choose only the absolute best of the best. Their meat is so tasty and genuine, in fact, that even when it’s just put on the grill, it emanates its natural, inebriating scent. Its various asados, bifes de chorizo ​​and picanhas will not only amaze you for their quality but also for their largeness. When it comes to meat, in fact, the size matters and Don Juan definitely has the right measures.

El Carnicero

Via Spartaco, 31

I 10 migliori ristoranti di carne a Milano - El Carnicero

For four years El Carnicero has been on the top of its game in the city with tables always bursting full and the fame of a real temple of the meat with two addresses in Milan, one in Via Spartaco and one in Garibaldi. Despite the constant crowding, the staff is the image of courtesy, promptness and professionalism. Their meat comes from the United States and Argentina, of course, but there is a particular delight (and particularly recommended one, too): the chuleta of the famous Bodega El Capricho de Leon, in Spain, where the animals are massaged before slaughter and their meat hung for many days, giving it a unique flavor.

Filetteria Italiana

Corso Garibaldi, 17

I 10 migliori ristoranti di carne a Milano - Filetteria Italiana

The beef is good, all right, but our palates get tired, the taste buds get bored. What should you do to revive the situation a little? Let us entertain ourselves with rarer and more exotic pleasures, let us forget the tame bovids, and let us launch into the world of wild animals. Ever tried a zebra fillet? Kangaroo meat? Or would you prefer to taste some excellent reindeer? Sit down at the Filetteria and feel like real hunters, returning from a dangerous safari, enjoy your meal and discover new continents of taste. Are you a traditionalist, purist or do you simply have a weak heart? Do not worry, at the Filetteria you find the dear old Chianina and Fassona that are always a safe bet. They are excellent, of course, but you do not want to discover new things?

El Porteño

Viale Gian Galeazzo, 25

I 10 migliori ristoranti di carne a Milano - El Porteno

Argentine cuisine is the most European one in South America. There are many Italian and French influences, but also Asian ones. At the same time, this national gastronomy also exists thanks to the raw materials that are found in this extraordinary country: potatoes, lambs and the fruit of the Rio Negro. You will find all this at El Porteño and even more. The cuts of meat are very varied but the staff will be able to guide you with skill. Our tips? Fried empanadas and Gran Lomo. Unforgettable.

El Gaucho

Via Carlo D’Adda, 11

I 10 migliori ristoranti di carne a Milano - El Gaucho

Let’s go back to Argentina with this Latin American steakhouse. A nostalgic and refined place where the vocation to absolute quality can be seen starting from appetizers that include an excellent stuffed beef matambre or the plattersof Spanish hams to be served with one of the Argentinian rosés from their cellar. The dishes are classic and excellent. Our favorite? The carrè de cordero, good and tender, while, if you feel particularly hungry, you can not ignore the bife de costilla, a rib of beef with fillet that will satisfy even the most voracious carnivore.

Osteria la Carbonaia

Via Giosuè Carducci, 38

I 10 migliori ristoranti di carne a Milano - Osteria la Carbonaia

Even after many years, the Osteria la Carbonaia remains faithful to its origins. Its aesthetics may not have that elegance you are looking for, but all that is lacking in furniture is offset by the quality of the dishes. The menu proposal is very classic (Fiorentina, fillets, tartares, ribs, sausages and all the other great classics of meat restaurants) but what makes this place legendary is its tagliata, something tender and ineffable. The simple, unadulterated goodness of the meat is underlined by the simple contours of vegetables that, besides being very good in itself, exalt at best all the flavors of the main course. A classic not to be missed.

Tokyo Grill

Via Fiori Oscuri, 3/A

I 10 migliori ristoranti di carne a Milano - Tokyo Grill

Meat restaurant in Brera with a minimalist vocation, Tokyo Grill is perfect for a dinner of great quality different from the others. The restaurant is spread over three floors, the basement is intended for teppaniaky, i.e. that form of show-cooking in which the chef cooks the dishes on a hot plate, the teppan. But for this you will have to book, so think about it in advance. If you choose to live the normal experience, we recommend that you try the yakniku, that type of cooking that provides each commensal with their portion to be cooked on the grid at the center of the table. The Japanese call it “food of the soul” and, if you try it, you will discover that it is true.

La Griglia di Varrone

Via Alessio di Tocqueville, 7

I 10 migliori ristoranti di carne a Milano - La Griglia di Varrone

Fruit of Massimo Minutelli‘s passion for fine meat and grilled cooking, this restaurant is one of the kings of the Milanese food scene. In addition to the rich menu, the great strength of the restaurant is the attentive and professional service. If this is not enough, stay with enchanted eyes watching the juicy cuts of premium meat sizzle on the hot iron. Your mouth is watering and a shiver of pleasure runs along your back.

Nordic Grill

Via Edmondo de Amicis, 34

I 10 migliori ristoranti di carne a Milano - Nordic Grill

Rarefied but familiar atmospheres for this jewel of elegance dedicated exclusively to North European meat. Irish Angus, duck breast, Black Angus, Aberdeen Angus, Hamburger. But the Nordic Grill offer does not stop there: there are fish and vegetarian options. The protagonist is still the grill, which is always on and transforms this restaurant into a real living space with kitchen. Unmissable.

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