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The best restaurants for your Christmas dinner with colleagues

Do you want the perfect Christmas dinner? Check out these restaurants

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Colleagues, strange figures. Like relatives, we cannot choose them, yet it is with them that we have to live side by side each day. We like some of them, we just tolerate others, there’s some of them we can’t even look with a straight face, but all together they make something that looks like a family. And every type of family, be it natural or acquired, sits all together around the table for Christmas. It’s the tradition.

Things become less sweet when a dinner has to be organized. If they have ever asked you to pick a place, you’ll now what kind of dilemma you got yourself in. You can not choose something too cheap, but not even drag the cheerful brigade in a restaurant that is too pretentious, with shocking prices or, worse, that satisfies some but leave others dissatisfied. Even the atmosphere is important: certainly that among colleagues is not a candlelit, romantic dinner. The location must have the right kind of elegance without being too familiar and romantic. What we propose here is a list of some perfectly balanced restaurants, which will demonstrate your sophisticated taste but without overdoing it and, above all, satisfying everyone.

Il Santa Bistrò Moderno

Via Melchiorre Gioia, 37

Il Santa - Bistrò Moderno | Milano

The Santa is an all-glass, greatly designed restaurant that will surely leave everyone surprised. During the evening both the location and the menu give the best of themselves. The former, thanks to the soft lighting and the paintings of different contemporary artists, is transformed into a rare and refined environment. The latter, instead, offers a refined selection of dishes thanks to the precise culinary vision of the executive chef Stefano Grandi. With its elegant appearance, its international vibe, suspended between New York and Los Angeles, the creativity of the kitchen and the quality of service, all your colleagues will be amazed.

Manin Restaurant

Via Daniele Manin, 7


Inside the Manin Resturant, the restaurant of the oldest hotel in Milan, your business dinner will become an opportunity to remember thanks to the sophisticated ambience, with elegant boiseries that decorate the main hall and the modular walls that allow to reorganize spaces at any time. All the menu proposals are signed by chef Davide Cesati and are a real treat. Delicious first courses, a narrower selection of traditional seconds with simple and refined dessert options. Your dinner could not go better.

Daniel Ristorante

Via Castelfidardo angolo via San Marco

Ristorante Daniel

Located in one of the most fascinating and characteristic corners of Brera, Daniel is one of the most surprising and exciting culinary experiences of the area, if not of the entire city. In chef Daniel Canzian’s culinary laboratory you will find a gourmet kitchen close to the people, inspired by seasonal ingredients, that subtracts, where possible, instead of adding. Exquisitely decorated, silent and discreet, the Daniel is a true pearl of simplicity and beauty.

Langosteria Cafè Milano

Galleria del Corso, 4

Langosteria Café Milano

Langosteria Café Milano combines a cosmopolitan style with a retro taste of rare elegance. The colors of the decor are heated by the warmth of durmast wood and burnished brass. The beating heart of the restaurant is the kitchen, which dominates the two splendid permanent dehors, made of crystal, which attract light and reflect it inside, where we find a large convivial table that expresses the sparkling soul of the restaurant. A must-try dish? The Catalan-style King Crab preceded by a nice plateau of shellfish and seafood.

Felice a Testaccio

Via del Torchio, 4


An institution in Rome since 1936, Felice a Testaccio arrives in Milan in a restaurant with a clean and elegant style. Vaulted ceilings of red brick, checkered floor and refined mise-en-place welcome Felice’s customers along with daily prepared specialties and menus that change according to the days of the week. What to expect? All the great classics of Roman gastronomy, but redesigned for a fine dining clientele, with excellent quality ingredients and dishes that will exalt you.

Terrazza Triennale “Osteria con Vista”

Viale Alemagna Emilio, 6


Dishes executed to perfection by the chef Stefano Cerveni, with simple cooking, in such a way as to exalt the excellent raw materials. Keywords: harmony and measure. And all with the sensational view that you can enjoy through the glass walls all around you: the stupendous green of Parco Sempione, dominated by the skyscrapers of Isola in the distance while, on the left, stands the bulk of the Castello Sforzesco. Not just yours, but every dinner here will be a triumph.

Da Noi In

Via Vincenzo Forcella, 6

Ristorante Da Noi In - Milano

Via Tortona’s Da Noi In, placed inside the Hotel Magna Pars Suites, has an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere that never becomes inaccessible or aseptic. Equilibrium is the word that best sums up its mood. Armchairs and comfortable sofas create a relaxed atmosphere while the attentive staff will treat you as lords without ever exaggerating, keeping intact the feeling of “home”. The cuisine re-elaborates the traditions of the Mediterranean, measuring with good sense the relationship between sight and taste, following chef Fulvio Siccardi’s inspiration. Unmissable.


Piazza Carlo Mirabello, 5


Cittamani is the restaurant of Indian chef-star Ritu Dalmia, a true safe haven for lovers of the most elaborate and elegant ethnic cuisine. Each element of the Cittamani is studied in detail. It is definitely not the Indian restaurant you expect, full of colors, tinsel or redundant with details and fabrics. Cittamani is sober, chic, extremely elegant and bright with a menu that, even approaching Italian tastes, remains Indian in all respects. If you want to surprise your colleagues with a touch of exoticism, this is the right place.