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Strong and definite flavors from celebrity chef Ritu Dalmia

Remember the name: Ritu Dalmia. Born in India but Italian by adoption and by heart. Ritu is considered a celebrity chef in India and in all the East, and she decided to open in our Milan what may very will be the best contemporary Indian restaurant in all Italy. Cittamani is the name, a word deriving from sanskrit and meaning “compassion, empathy”: a term that evokes a tantric, deep bond with the emotional and sensual aspect of things, and the sense of liberation that food can give to the human being.


We are in the heart of chic and bohemian district of Brera, in piazza Mirabello to be exact. Ritu, who is a great fan and connoisseur of our country (she spent her childhood with her father, a marble dealer, traveling through Italy to stop working in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant on the border between Liguria and Tuscany), she created a true empire of Italian restaurant in India, with the name of Diva Italian. And eventually she really became a diva. She is known considered a true star, that knew how to valorize and spread the Made in Italy culture in all India with the force of a great businesswoman.


She studied every last detail of her Cittamani. Don’t expect the Indian restaurant we’re all used to, full of colors and decor, or overflowing with details and fabrics. Cittamani is a sober, luminous chic and extremely elegant place. With interior design details that go from the table seats to the alcantara sofas, from the brassy touches on the applique and bar counter at the entrance to the mirrors on the walls and the terrazzo tiles on the floor. An international restaurant but with an Indian menu: Indian spices perfectly matches the Italian ingredients. Their strong, genuine flavors will bring you to a new world.


For lunch among the many proposals we’ll find many one-bowl dishes (among which a great barley dish with pork and spicy sauce) and the “Tiffin boxes” (the famous Mumbai-born lunch) to pair on your table with various appetizers, both with meat and vegetables. Or the “Naannini“, little sandwiches cooked in the tandoori oven to couple with different dressings.


The evening menu changed and becomes more articulated and complex. Ritu’s fil rouge is always the balance. Knowing well what Italians like to eat, she created a menu that agrees best with th Italian taste, without losing its identity and internationality. Namasté Ritu. You arrived straight to the heart of our  #FlawlessExoticList .

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