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Bloovery – Sending flowers has never been easier

Say it with a flower. The florist from the future is here to help.

Let’s face it: in these times of crazy races, social meetings and technological civilization we look more at screens than we do at human faces. One Whatsapp message at the time, distance communication is increasingly flat and generic. Yet we still have things to say, we only need the right means to say it. And since the new media are ineffective, why not turn to the old school and say what we want with a flower? This is the idea behind Bloovery, the start-up of Simone and Luca Guzzetti and Michele Dondi who wants to ferry the old figure of the florist in the new millennium.

What is Bloovery? We could say that it’s a flower delivery service, but we wouldn’t do it justice. Which other delivery service gives you such an easy interface, personalized assistance in the choosing process of the best bouquets and punctuality and quality on the delivery? To give you an idea, we’ll just say that thanks to the futuristic chat-bot (Bloovery is the first in Italy to use one of these), you will have a florist at your disposal twenty-four hours a day.

Bloovery Milano

In the floral field, we men are a category in difficulty: on one hand we almost never understand anything about flowers, on the other hand we always need them. If you have someone special in your life, or if you want someone to become that person, you must make him or her understand how much you appreciate them. You could trust a florist, that’s true, but who has time to go to the store, pick flowers, store them and then bring them wherever is necessary? Bloovery solves these kinds of problem. Giving your loved one of the flowers that tell all about your passion about them, will take you a minute or so.

The ways you can order are three. In addition to the chat-bot on Facebook Messenger, there is also a dedicated app and an online shop on the official Bloovery website. All three methods stand out for the simplicity of the interface. You will be asked a few simple questions: your name, the day and time of delivery (better to think in advance if you want your floral gift to arrive in the morning or in the evening) and, above all, what do you want to say with your homage.

Bloovery - Milano

Flowers have a language of their own, which maybe we don’t know so well, but that we all all, more or less, understand. Roses are the symbol of love, the orchids are for passion, for a scholarly and intellectual woman nothing is better than the violets, for a sunny and extroverted girl, instead, gerberas are the best choice. Bloovery also thinks of this, always asking what emotion you want to convey with your bouquet.

Obviously a composition or a simple bouquet of flowers can not arrive without a ticket. Forget the ugly prefabricated letters you find from the florist: with Bloovery the message will be yours and yours alone, you just have to say it at the time of your order and, along with the bouquet, your significant other will receive a ticket that will conquer him or her. Put all your energy in the message: Bloovery’s specialists will think about the flowers. The victory is in your hands.

Bloovery Milano

And  what if there are problems with the delivery? The flowers are very delicate and they damage easily. If that is the case, just send an email to Bloovery with a picture of the damage, then you can decide whether to renew the order without spending any more money or have your money back. Bloovery takes veri seriously the customer’s satisfaction and offers 100% guarantees that relate to every aspect of your experience.

There’s not much left to say. We are facing a revolution of retail flower sale. It’s up to you now to take the phone in your hand and light up your beloved’s day. With Bloovery is easy because a flower arrives where words can’t.

All purchases include the cost delivery within Metropolitan Milan, and can be arranged with as little as 24 hours’ notice for either a morning or evening timeslot. Purchases can be made through the Bloovery app (see below), through Bloovery’s website, or through Facebook Messenger which uses their proprietary chatbot.


Editor’s note: This article is proudly sponsored by Bloovery and endorsed by Flawless Milano. We thank you for supporting the sponsors who make Flawless Milano possible. 

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