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Rita & Cocktails Brunch is Back

Confirmed Re-Opening of the Sunday Brunch in one of MIlano’s most famous cocktail bars

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The Navigli are synonymous with nightlife, bohemian atmosphere and happy hour. Often we consider them a tourist area: but those who have walked its narrow side streets know that is not so. The name Rita is a guarantee: a cocktail bar opened in 2002, and after sixteen years continues to maintain a prominent place in the heart of the Milanese. The kind of place that we’re always a bit jealous of and wish they would remain a secret. Each cocktail is better than the next, the food is special and meets expectations while the huge central bar evokes cinematic images in which, sitting on the stool, you make a night out of talking to the barman.

Torna il brunch di Rita & Cocktails - Milano

Brunch is not new for Rita, who immediately took on the classic American breakfast. We often wondered why they stopped serving it, despite its popularity in Milan. For this reason, knowing that it has reopened its doors, we could not resist and went back with high expectations that were met.  


Torna il brunch di Rita & Cocktails - Milano

Rita’s proposal includes classic American breakfast dishes such as scrambled eggs, macaroni & cheese and omelettes, but with a revised twist of fusion and Asian inspirations. Some examples? the Sushi Rice Burger, a rice and pulled pork burger that made us reconsider the concept of hamburgers, or Mr. Prawn Roll, with king prawns and béarnaise sauce accompanied by crispy fries. Try also the Eggs Benny: a homemade bagel served with poached eggs, smoked salmon and Dutch sauce, it is delicious and very tasty! 

Torna il brunch di Rita & Cocktails - Milano

Not to mention the pancakes, served with maple syrup, berries and whipped cream, perfectly stacked on top of each other, so beautiful and good. The menu also offers a Classic Club Sandwich, Caesar salad, the inevitable burger of fassona and a soup of the day (pumpkin soup, pioppini and bacon): dishes that we have not yet tasted but hope to try during our next visit. In the best USA style tradition, they also offer the NY Cheesecake and chocolate Brownies. For the little ones, however, the menu offers a baby omelette or mini burger, specifically accompanied by tasty French fries.

Torna il brunch di Rita & Cocktails - Milano

Being a cocktail bar, it is essential that the drink list is in line with the dishes offered. In this case, Rita did not disappoint us. The most classic “hangover cocktail”, the Bloody Mary, is proposed in four variations, with each one enhances a particular nuance of tomato juice. Unusual combinations intertwine in Jasmine Fever, based on green tea and tequila, and it is impossible to refrain from trying a Tamagotchi, cocktail with Sakè and Gin, or a Trick Me, an unexpected meeting between pear and whiskey brandy. The ingredients, not only alcoholic obviously: contain extracts of fruit, ginger and agave syrup. A fresh and perfect start to your day.

Torna il brunch di Rita & Cocktails - Milano

If you love to sleep late on Sundays and no motivation seems good enough to leave the house, going to Rita for brunch might be the solution!


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