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At Cantina Piemontese and Spazio Tencitt for the Design Week

Take refuge from the metropolitan chaos in an exceptional location, between history and modernity

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More than 110 years of history and experience accumulated in the same corner known as laghett between via Larga and the Giardini della Guastalla, which until 1875 was the crossroads of barges that carried heavy marble for the construction of the Cathedral and loads of coal. A spectator for more than 110 years to the changes of a city in constant motion.

Da Cantina Piemontese e Spazio Tencitt per la Design Week - Milano

Cantina Piemontese, is the place where memories, furnishings and scents of a Milan of other times come to life. Catapulting the clientele into different eras. A trattoria that preserves the appearance of an ancient and welcoming tavern, where simplicity reigns supreme in the rooms and is reflected in its traditional local cuisine.

Da Cantina Piemontese e Spazio Tencitt per la Design Week - Milano

While innovation moves the engines of Milan’s capital daily, making the urban fabric vibrate, changing its streets and architecture, this circumscribed factory of taste winks at today and tomorrow, taking part in the dance of experimentation, renewing its menu and its spirit while defending its atmosphere from passing fashions.

Da Cantina Piemontese e Spazio Tencitt per la Design Week - Milano

Now that Design Week is coming and the city, like every year, is preparing to welcome professionals, artists and amateurs of the sector with fairs dedicated to the Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone events, the “wind of indecision” is already starting to blow . The bombardment of appointments and the rich ferment that characterizes this week is a mare magnum that confuses and disorients even the most attentive planners, raising doubts that take on the appearance of unsolvable enigmas: “where do we go?” becomes the most whispered phrase, to which often it is not known how to answer or, if it is, it is not so satisfying.

Da Cantina Piemontese e Spazio Tencitt per la Design Week - Milano

Therefore, if you are looking for a “safe haven” to spend a lunch or dinner away from the usual – and sometimes too noisy – district, know that Cantina Piemontese has all it takes to satisfy your sense and allow you to rediscover the joy of genuine things with plates of dishes without too many frills and excellent wine labels. A combo of direct flavors, to discover and enjoy around one of the tables in the inner room or the fairy-tale dehors: a small oasis of tranquility made of green, which during the spring and summer hypnotizes you with all its charm.

Cantina Piemontese - Milano

To complete its offer, the restaurant houses a jewel called Spazio Tencitt: a romantic barrel-vaulted cellar, studded with exposed brick that frames the work and creativity of those who transformed this former coal deposit into its own event space, where design and antiquity meet.

Da Cantina Piemontese e Spazio Tencitt per la Design Week - Milano

Soft lights made by POLLICE Illuminazione, tapestries signed BIG APPLE DESIGN, fascinating mirrors and shelves by NatarTribe and a large wooden table – the protagonist of the room -, designed by the Markrefish studio in collaboration with Roger Ranko, which can accommodate up to 40 people, an undisputed symbol of pure sharing. Here, you can celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones, away from the metropolitan chaos, or participate in the numerous concerts and tastings that the staff organizes.

Da Cantina Piemontese e Spazio Tencitt per la Design Week - Milano

In short, Via Laghetto 2 is the perfect address for those who want to be amazed, for those who are looking for unusual goodies and “certainties” in the vast panorama of experiences that Milan has to offer.


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