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Celebrating Easter at Pasticceria Cucchi

Trust the tradition of those who really know Milan

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Easter is approaching and with it the sweets that taste like spring, the beautiful days (hopefully), the cheer and the joy of starting the period of the year in which all good intentions bear fruit. This time we are advantaged: falling on the first day of the month, this year’s Easter allows us to make some sweet exception to our dietary rules, giving us a guilt-free smile (there’s plenty of time to get back in shape in April!), reminding us at the same time how nice it was to discard all those chocolate eggs looking for an unexpected surprise. And when we feel so indulgent, looking for that heart-warming place, we have no doubt: Pasticceria Cucchi is the place to go to, a true institution in Milan, a family that has made of its experience a treasure and that has cultivated the tradition through the decades and generations for the joy of its customers.

Cucchi Pasqua 2018 - Milano

Opened by Luigi Cucchi and his wife Vittorina in 1936 as a café-concert, this family-run patisserie has evolved over time, remaining always a faithful companion of all Milanese. For this Easter 2018, it came prepared, like every year, with its many delights created one by one with the care of an artisan workshop. Every dessert we are used to here becomes joyful, like the chocolate-filled confetti eggs: their delicious appearance will captivate you, both with the colors, which make you taste a delicate taste of sugar on the edge of the lips, and with the packs, that between ribbons and fabrics make them look like real jewels. At the same time they possess the fragile beauty of certain French sweets and the smooth elegance of the pastries of a royal house, they are a small but very special sweet, which, if shared, will delight all the guests.

Cucchi Pasqua 2018 - Milano

There is obviously no lack of classic desserts, revisited with that special touch that has always distinguished the Pasticceria. What do we prefer? The customized chocolate eggs: at Cucchi you can make them unique by inserting the gifts your loved ones want the most, to make them rediscover the amazement, wonderful and often forgotten feeling, of when they were little.

Cucchi Pasqua 2018 - Milano

We love Cucchi, among the thousand pastry shops in Milan, because its team is able to turn every sweet into your sweet, into something that seems created expressly for you. It’s the power of tradition, able to bring everyone together and touch everyone personally. So, wondering with the eyes between the shelves, we still feel children and we would like to take everything away, because that same love that the confectioners employ in their creations is transmitted on the other side of the counter, where we are. We fell in love with the “Bucolic” egg decorated with edible daisies, which looks like a lawn in April and the traditional, unmissable Colomba, made with mother yeastfragrant and very sweet, a real pillar of house Cucchi, that smells like almonds. and candied oranges.

Cucchi Pasqua 2018 - Milano

And then it’s nice to let yourself go to the memories in the section dedicated to children, the category for which all products are designed, for which Easter is a celebration of happiness. It’s precisely with them in mind that the Cucchi team has created a series of chocolate eggs, slightly smaller than the regular ones, in the shape of animals such as the sheep, the frog, the pig, the chick and many others.

Cucchi Pasqua 2018 - Milano

In short, the Pasticceria Cucchi has really thought of everyone for this Easter: the adults that want to bring to the table refined sweets and rediscover the amazement of the past, the little ones who want colors and fun and families who will end their banquet together with the softest and sweetest of the Colombe. Do you still have doubts about where to go to stock up on sweetness?


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