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Centrifughe in Milan: where to get the best drinks

Where to enjoy an all natural mix of freshness and energy

Summer has arrived and the remedy for the Milanese heat is a concentrate of freshness and energy. All you need to do is get the right balance of sugars, fruit, vegetables and natural flavors.

The trend of centrifuge in Milan lives on, especially thanks to the attention to fresh ingredients at “km 0” following the climate crisis. It also feeds into desires for exotic paradises with sweet and spicy flavors.

From the more classic preparations that mix fruit and vegetables collected in sunny valleys of Italian and European regions, we move on to more complex alternatives, enriched with ginger, cinnamon, spirulina algae, pollen, hemp and turmeric.

Cold pressing and the most modern centrifugation techniques are the basis of a refreshing final product that combats stress, heat and fatigue typical of the current season all at once. It will give you the vitality and detoxification you need in order to prepare for your much desired summer holidays.

As a reflection of every food trend, Milan presents a range of fresh juice friendly places for every need, from organic products, to the captivating aesthetics of the location, to on-site tasting or take away. Whether on a relaxing break or rushing to the office, we’ve got the place for you.

Here are our suggestions for treating yourself to the right amount of “cup sized” energy.


Via Sottocorno, 19

Centrifuga a Milano: dove bere le migliori

This is a place dedicated to healthy eating, without sacrificing taste or gastronomic variety. Muzzi gets its name from a term of endearment given to the owner Jessica Haase’s mother. Here they show that vegetables are not only a simple side dish, but a real starting point for a genuine and energetic meal or snack break. And it is here, between wooden tables and walls illustrated with the colors of nature, that centrifuges with intense colors and scents are prepared all day long, with respect for seasonal produce.


Piazzale Baracca, 1

Centrifuga a Milano: dove bere le migliori

A small colorful oasis in the center of Piazzale Baracca with a small terrace on the street is the perfect destination for a refreshing centrifuge near Corso Vercelli. Metal trays with fresh fruit of the day varying according to the season offer ideas for original and personalized combinations. If you need advice, a billboard with the best suggestions is right before your eyes, with additional indications for a detox touch or an energizing variation.


Via Osti, 2

Centrifuga a Milano: dove bere le migliori

Carlos’s store is an accumulation of Brazilian atmosphere, nutrition and love for good and healthy eating. He has found a space in Milan to sell his cold press juice, that preserves the nutrients they hold. Inside this small shop dominated by wood, Carlos prepares centrifuges each day with extremely interesting combinations. He brings his customers closer to tasty and at the same time healthy choices, from antioxidants to the vitamin enrichment. Convenient recyclable plastic packs contain the centrifuge which can thus be transported between one run and another.


Corso Magenta, ang. Via Nirone,2

Centrifuga a Milano: dove bere le migliori

Near the Catholic University, a room illuminated by shades of green and furnished in a country chic style offers a varied range of centrifuges inspired by the production and collection cycle of raw ingredients. Verdi’s focus is on the desire to bring to the table a menu marked by the seasons, with fruits and vegetables available during their harvesting periods of each month of the year. But not only this. There is an emphasis on using ingredients that are sourced only a few km from the center of Milan.

NABI – Natura Biologica 

Via Cadore, 41 

Centrifuga a Milano: dove bere le migliori

Colored ceramics with different shapes, a vintage sign, softly colored striped walls and an exposed counter with glass backsplashes describe NaBi, a Milanese refuge for organic cuisine. Everything here screams natural, in the search for fresh ingredients that do not undergo chemical treatments. The centrifuges could certainly not be missing and in fact they are an integral part of a menu that follows the cycles of nature. The keyword for these energetic and tasty drinks is “detox.” They invite you to purify your body and mind thanks to skilfully combined fruits and vegetables, which you can add spirulina algae to for taste.

UN POSTO A MILANO – Cascina Cuccagna 

Via Privata Cuccagna, 2

Centrifuga a Milano: dove bere le migliori

Here is a full-fledged green spot in the heart of Porta Romana. The location for Un Posto A Milano showcases everything it represents, with wooden benches, small vegetable gardens, flowers and plants. The attention to organic and “km 0” products is the starting point for everything that the Cascina Cuccagna bar offers. The top ingredients for the preparation of fresh and nutritious centrifuges are strictly seasonal fruit and vegetables, without contamination of pesticides or chemicals. They are made to be savored in the sun from 10 am until midnight.


Via Sabina, 1

Centrifuga a Milano: dove bere le migliori

The summer season often includes a trip to the pool and when the location is hidden behind the walls of a theater – the famous Franco Parenti – surprise is guaranteed. The Mysterious Baths offer a relaxed holiday atmosphere, where you can enjoy a refreshing break at the poolside bar with a name that says it all: An Incredible Place. Among wrought iron tables, picnic style tablecloths and lights that reflect on the water, we strongly recommend tasting the centrifuges. They are made with ingredients like rhubarb, mint, ginger and lime which, in addition to promoting a regenerating experience, are excellent for the body. Combined with fresh fruit and vegetables of the day, it’s the perfect recipe for good health.


Corso Buenos Aires, 15


This historic Milanese ice cream and smoothie shop is one of the first bars in Milan to produce pure fruit drinks. In Corso Buenos Aires, you’ll find a vintage-looking place, with LED lights reminiscent of the 80s and historic photos on the walls. It’s a city reference point for delicious snacks based on fruits and cream. Every wish here will be satisfied, since Viel presents a wide range of fruit, from the classic seasonal options to the more refined tropical selections, to be mixed to your taste and liking. The friendliness of the staff here serves as a reflection of the location, and the lovely experience you will have.


Via Agnello, 18

Centrifuga a Milano: dove bere le migliori

As a large and airy space with outdoor seating that overlooks the streets of the city center, the Juice Bar has made fruit and vegetables its mantra. As the name mentions, the strength of the restaurant’s three floors is the fruit juice, which you can get in a wide variety of centrifuges and smoothies. The sugary drinks are freshly prepared with the best natural ingredients the restaurant could offer. Enjoy them comfortably on site or grab them to go in a strongly branded clear glass. Juice Bar is excellent for a healthy break with a decidedly urban touch.


Via Spallanzani, ang. Viale Regina Giovanna

Centrifuga a Milano: dove bere le migliori

In this extremely minimalist restaurant inspired by natural colors and shades, the concept of “live food” applies. V3RAW offers plant-based products that regulate nutrition, ensuring a long-term energy balance. That’s why here the raw materials are completely free from any chemical constraints and are cold pressed, to best maintain the nutritional properties. This is the perfect destination to enjoy a real concentrate of vegetable energy, and experiment with adding liquid chlorophyll to your diet.


Via Tortona, 34
Piazza del Carmine, 1
Viale Piave, 18
℅ La Rinascente, Piazza Duomo

God Save the Food - Carmine

God Save The Food was born with the intent to offer a wide range of dishes that mix different flavors and cultures, with the common thread of quality fresh ingredients and daily gastronomic research. The sophisticated atmosphere leaves room for an informal menu, with lots of choices regarding dishes based on fruit and vegetables, according to seasonality. The centrifuges, all made with vegetables from different regions and nations in the world and enriched with international spices and fragrances, are served from breakfast to the evening. Each has a specific mission: detox, energizing or thirst-quenching.