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Chic ‘n Quick – Trattoria Moderna di Claudio Sadler

Refined yet casual atmosphere in the multi-starred Sadler’s restaurant bistrot

I tried it without even realising it, maybe because the restaurant next to it was already closed, or maybe because I was hungry (and who knows me well knows that I joke about everything but not about this!). Only later I discovered that the place is run by Sadler: you can really meet him while he visually follows the dishes to the tables giving his finishing touches (just out of curiosity, have you seen a starred chef in kitchen lately or only on TV?). We are in Claudio Sadler’s Chic ‘n Quick – Trattoria Moderna.

Sophisticated yet casual atmosphere, where you can feel at ease even wearing jeans, just to say, but the food is serious: refined, highest quality ingredients, unique course or a la carte daily menu. I tasted several dishes and all of them were really good, (they seem!) simple and beautiful to look at. They’re all so different that I really wouldn’t know what to suggest, it’s not the place where one can only choose between fish or meat. Be assured that whatever choice you make, it will have a “return policy” … and it would be a safe bet!

From the risotto alla Milanese to raw fish, from Fassona tartare to low temperature cooked salmon with tzatziki sauce, there’s plenty of choice. I have tasted most of the first courses. Short, long, stuffed pasta or Sardinian fregola … always impeccable! Even the simplicity of a high quality cold cut, like the black truffle mortadella, once you try it becomes indispensable.

Prices? You would not believe … More than affordable for a starred chef’s bistrot (2 Michelin stars), but in line with other high-end restaurants in Milan (first courses around 13 €, main courses around 20 €, complete lunch menu 20 €, single course lunch 21 €). One regret? I still haven’t been able to participate in a theme night.

Do you want to make a very Flawless choice? Get a tandem menu as a present for two: it’s a tasting menu, appetiser, first course, main course and dessert for 90€.  When it seems like eating well is inaccessible just remember about C’nQ!

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