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Zaini Milano & Made in Carcere

Chocolate and bow ties: the perfect gift and its story, made with love and dignity

“This product has a wonderful story to tell, made with love and dignity.” A simple sentence that encapsulates the essence of the charity project “Cioccolato e Papillon (Chocolate and Bow ties)”, initiative by Zaini Milano in support of the non-profit Made in Carcere [Made in Prison], a tailoring lab that promotes the social inclusion of female inmates.

Cioccolato e Papillon | Zaini & Made in Carcere

From October 7, at Zaini Milano, in Via Cristoforis 5, you’ll be able to purchase a gift that tells a story all about second chances: the beautiful vintage Zaini tin accompanied by two chocolate bars and a bow tie with long tails, handmade with precious fabrics by the female inmates of Lecce’s and Trani’s prisons.

Cioccolato e Papillon | Zaini & Made in Carcere

A beautiful story, love and dignity. What else do you look for in a project? As a woman, I couldn’t be more fascinated by this simple and straightforward introduction. I’m usually satisfied with a nice story, when there’s love too I get excited…but dignity? It’s such a rare and noble value that just hearing the word gives me goose bumps.

This dignity actually has a voice, it’s Luciana Delle Donne, resolute, blunt and sincere. A woman that, after having left a high-profile managerial job in Milan, does not seem to ever look back on her life. In a world where people’s attention is the most difficult thing to catch, she keeps us awake, interested, engaged and focused till the last second. Eager to know more, fascinated, moonstruck and, in a way, closer to one another…because things can be actually changed, you just have to want it, never give up.

Cioccolato e Papillon | Zaini & Made in Carcere

Made in Carcere is about to celebrate its 10th birthday, thanks to its ethically made products and the work of its women, that have put themselves on the line to get a second chance but also to give others the chance of protecting the environment by buying products made exclusively with reclaimed materials. Could a more suited accessory have been chosen for this collaboration other than a bow tie, the trade mark of Luigi Zaini’s style, adorning his chocolate bars?

Cioccolato e Papillon | Zaini & Made in Carcere

A perfect synergy with the Luigi Zaini S.p.A., Milan’s oldest chocolate factory, which has always been sensitive to the equal rights issues, since the thirties, when the young Olga Zaini took the reins of the company with the attitude of a veteran entrepreneur. And then, in 2014, with the project in support of the female cocoa farmers of Côte d’Ivoire, to help them emancipate thorough the affirmation of their identity, a.k.a. work.

Cioccolato e Papillon | Zaini & Made in Carcere

Work ennobles man, work makes you free, work always gives you a second chance. You just need to be able to reinvent yourself, to challenge yourself, to keep pursuing every task with humility, dignity and determination. If you are looking for something that goes beyond the simple object and that tells something beautiful, strong, different from the ordinary, this is the perfect gift for you, made with love, to put under the Christmas tree.


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