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CL Studio’s summer stories

Let be led to far destinations by the items of the Summer 2018 collection

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On June 21st the summer solstice falls. It is finally returning one of the most desired and, at the same time, feared seasons by the female universe. Summer is relaxation, tanning, sea but also undress from the thousand layers of the previous seasons and find yourself face to face with your own shapes. Punctual, at the beginning of the summer, the crucial choice is triggered in view of the sunniest months: that of swimsuit season. Because you know, the bikinis in wardrobe and beach robes of last year are never enough or do not suit our mood or our holidays anymore. At CL Studio, inside the shopping district CityLife, they know how to cuddle and satisfy every woman looking for a change of wardrobe in perspective of the days on the beach or those dedicated to a golden tan by the pool.

Chantelle Lingerie - Milano

CL has conceived a different and immersive shopping experience that puts every woman at ease in search of clothes that best enhance her femininity. You will only have to let yourself be guided by your mood, by your innermost self to find the perfect garment, in total harmony with your body and your taste. For this Summer 2018, CL has thought of every female representative to create the two main stories and the different sub-themes ready to inspire you and guide you during the purchase.

Chantelle Lingerie - Milano

Nature is the story inspired, in fact, to the colors and atmospheres of nature during the summer season while Structure is characterized by graphic lines, elegant and structured garments that shape the body to perfection. Each story is then divided into three different themes inspired by different chromatic environments to accommodate each aesthetic and feminine personalities.

Chantelle Lingerie - Milano

The items of the Nature theme is all about holidays. They are bold and sensual and will make you imagine you are far away, heading towards exotic destinations. Crosses on the neckline, bright colors and contrasts for the theme inspired by beautiful contemporary female pirates. Bright and vivid colors, straw bag and light and elegant coverlets that make you dream of holidays on the boat and landings in the ports for a ride through the typical markets and an aperitif by the sea after a refreshing dip. And finally, blue, fantasies and orange papaya for a holiday on a mysterious and tropical island perfect for an adventurous woman.

Chantelle Lingerie - Milano

Instead, the swimsuits and clothes told by the Structure theme, imagine a chic woman who relies on classic silhouettes with timeless elegance. Golden details that perfectly match with a sweaty tan and hats to protect yourself from the rays of the sun. Folk and bohemian reminiscences among lace, pearls, pompons and bright colors recall the hippie chic mood typical of Ibiza. And, again, neutral colors, crochet and flounces for romantic souls who love retro lines and high waist like modern pin ups.

Chantelle Lingerie - Milano

Take a walk in the modern and minimal store of CL Studio, find the mood that best fits you and be inspired by the colors and atmospheres of the stories told by the products. You will be led into relaxing holiday atmospheres far from the frenzy of the city and we are sure that, at that point, you will finally be ready for sunny days with garments that enhance at best your femininity.


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