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Clotilde Brera

A terrace in the heart of Brera that pays homage to Milan with dishes that reinterpret tradition

Do you dream of a magical atmosphere suspended in time in the heart of Milan? Do you want to taste traditional Milanese dishes revisited in a modern way? Clotilde Brera, a bistro from the Mazzefferro family, is the perfect place for you. We found it in via Galielo Galilei, near Piazza San Marco, and immediately fell in love with it. The restaurant gets its name from Princess Clotilde, wife of Napoleon Giuseppe Carlo Bonaparte, and refers to the nineteenth century when St. Mark’s Square was invaded through the lake that connects Brera to the rest of the city, making the landscape increasingly romantic.

Clotilde Brera - Milano

The location remains one of the most beautiful from the Milanese cityscape, thanks to the terrace that overlooks St. Mark’s Square. The magnificent view is complemented by the elegant decor and greenhouse boasting a variety of plants that give an intimate and welcoming touch to the venue. The interior furniture combines vintage and contemporary elements in a unique way with stunning designs and patterns. Antique mirrors and bottle racks contrast the minimal lighting and large tables designed for sharing that make this corner of Brera feel like home.

Clotilde Brera - Milano

The bistro’s tribute to Milan can be found on the Clotilde menu, curated by chef Domenico Della Salandra, who reinterprets ingredients from the Italian tradition every two months based on the season, revising them creatively. Here, the classic two stars of Milanese cuisine are not to be missed: the risotto and the bone-in Milanese veal cutlet. If you want to taste more modern offerings, try the red prawns with anchovy sauce and saffron wafer, or tuna crusted with robiola and tuna sauce.

Clotilde Brera - Milano

Among the innovative dishes proposed by Clotilde Brera, you can also engage in the art of food pairing, a concept that combines food and drink for the ultimate taste experience, devised by the chef in conjunction with the bartender Filippo Sisti. The tasting is served in three courses, each of which combines a dish with a different cocktail to enhance the flavors of both recipes. An example is the Salmon dish with green tea and Pernod, served alongside Sour di Rene with peach, dill syrup, fresh meringues, tequila, and lime juice. This aromatic tasting contrasts the salmon and enhances the green tea flavors.

Clotilde Brera - Milano

What are you waiting for? Call and book a table on the terrace! We especially recommend this place for a romantic dinner, where you can admire the breathtaking view over the alleys and roofs of an illuminated Brera.

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