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Summer with NIO’s ready to drink cocktails

The perfect solution to toast wherever you want

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We are all in turmoil, awaiting the arrival of summer and warm sunny days and, above all, of the holidays. In recent months we have dreamed of sand underfoot, chatter by the pool and outdoor dinners with friends. I bet you can imagine yourself in these recurring dreams with a golden tan and a good cocktail in your hand. The dinner, however, maybe it was in the garden, at your home and, unfortunately, you’re certainly not a skilled bartender ready to amaze guests with acrobatics and excellent drinks. Quiet, NIO-Needs Ice Only is the perfect solution for you. As the acronym says, all you have to do is get yourself some ice. Easy, right?

NIO Needs Ice Only - Milano

The mission of NIO is, in fact, to revolutionize the traditional consumption habits of cocktails, undermining the idea that good drinking is linked only to the physical presence of an expert mixologist and a shelf full of the best spirits. This is how NIO was born, a single-serve cocktail with practical packaging that offers the consumer countless new opportunities to comfortably enjoy a good drink without effort and without having to go to the best cocktail bar in the city.

NIO Needs Ice Only - Milano

The NIO package is as big as a CD, portable anywhere and perfect to share with friends on any occasion because you know, there is always a good excuse to toast. Beach and pool parties, boat trips and dinner on the terrace will no longer be the same. Forget about having to go through incomprehensible cocktail recipes and buying expensive bottles with the fear of a resounding flop. NIO is a ready-to-drink cocktail: it is already mixed by expert hands, you have just to shake it, tear off the edge of the package and get a glass full of ice. Problem solved!

NIO Needs Ice Only - Milano

The drink list is wide and attentive to every taste: Whiskey sour, Vodka sour and Gin sour for lovers of acidulous flavors, the classic and unfailing Negroni and also Manatthan, Daiquiri and Milano-Torino. Two new entries for the summer 2018: Tommy’s Margarita, created in San Francisco in the 90s, and the Cosmopolitan, the iconic pink cocktail protagonist of the episodes of Sex and the City to feel just like Carrie. For the most demanding palates or for a special gift, finally, the new Luxury Edition: four refined and original cocktail made with liqueurs and spirits distributed exclusively by the Meregalli Group.

NIO Needs Ice Only - Milano

NIO offers the best of mixology effortlessly and everywhere you want with cocktails personalized by the internationally renowned mixologist Patrick Pistolesi and made entirely in Italy using only premium products. A revolution of good drinking: NIO crosses the borders of the bar offering you an excellent and practical excuse to toast even when you do not see counters nearby. You can find all the cocktails, in single or modular boxes of five or ten drinks, on sale in the online shop and in the brand’s official showroom in Via Tortona 15. Cheers!

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