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Gods of Mixology – Vol. 2

The second round of Milan's clash of Titans

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Great clashes, great powers, no mercy. If with the first episode of Gods of Mixology you thought you saw everything, you thought wrong. The Olympus of Milanese mixology is vast, extremely vast and the contenders are like gladiators who challenge each other to the last drink. In love and in war there are no rules, everyone knows it, but these warriors overcome the rules, they rewrite them.

With this second volume of Gods of Mixology you will discover the most exotic, the most refined and particular proposals of our city. We hope that your liver is prepared because it will be put to the test and giving up even just one of the bars that we propose will be simply impossible. Are you ready for a lesson in mythology?

Rita & Cocktails

Via Angelo Fumagalli, 1


A crystal dehors that, in the summer, opens and becomes a transparent veranda, a circular American-style counter where to gather and, above all, a drink list worthy of fireworks. The great classics are not lacking, of course, but all the beauty here is in experimenting. The menu is not a simple sheet of paper but a real booklet, with proposals for drinks that go on for pages. Their most legendary drink is Gin Zen, not to be missed for anything in the world. Do you want to get an idea of ​​the variety this place offers? Look at the bottle shelf that stands in front of you as you enter. an entire wall covered by the most refined and incredible labels on the market. Quality guaranteed.


Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43


The smallest bar in the world has a big soul and the skills of its bartenders are bigger still. Two blonde beers and seven cocktails. All of them are very familiar, nothing too confusing and subversive. Their cocktails are like classical music performed perfectly, note by note. Our favorite? The Whiskey Sour made as they made it two centuries ago and, trust us, they made i t really well. You can also book the exclusive inside room for two where you can speak vis-à-vis with the mixologist and enjoy an absolutely unique experience.

Tibi Bistrot Provençal

Via San Fermo, 1


Apparently a normal French-inspired petit bistrot, the Tibi is much more than it seems at first sight. Its cellar includes at least two hundred different varieties of gin. Did you believe there was only one way to make a gin and tonic? You were wrong. Tibi mixologists pour sublime blends into their glasses, and they’re so good they made this niche place a real must-see for all gin lovers in Milan. A hidden gem. Greatest strength? That icy elixir that responds to the name of African Mule, simply mind-blowing.


Via Cesare da Sesto, 1


Perhaps you knew this place as a restaurant, without a doubt one of the best Japanese places in Milan. What you may not know is that while you eat your meal you are sitting on the biggest sake cellar of the whole European continent: 150 labels plus thirty specials that rotate every month. And with all this variety didn’t you believe they made good drinks? Let’s start with the Koibito, a cocktail à deux made only for lovers, but there are other proposals such as Mitsouko with lemongrass, tea and black pepper or Hanami, an unforgettably tasty sake martini.

1930 Speakeasy


The most hidden and elusive bar in Milan jealously guards its secrets. We peeked behind its curtains for you and what we are referring to you are fragmentary news, that can’t possibly represent the immense complexity and elaboration of the drinks on the list. Suffice it to say that there is a cocktail made of bourbon that comes wrapped in a black cloth, in small boat model that emits smoke, and then another that recalls the atmosphere of the black jungle or the deep mysteries of India. To be tried absolutely, if you manage to enter.

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