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Where should you take her on Valentine’s Day?

How to win the scepter as the ideal boyfriend

This year again the date is approaching, the dreaded February 14th is just round the corner and like always here we are as usual. To celebrate it, or not, to celebrate it in public or in private. We’ve rattled off the usual “I hate Valentine’s Day” and “it’s a celebration for dorks” with our friends and girlfriends and we feel much better, but guys, a warning: the truth is this, there is no woman on this planet who secretly doesn’t hope to live her dream day!

So, even if you have been together for years or only for a month or so, I would start to get busy if I were you, to amaze your babe and make a great impression, which let’s face it never hurts! Let’s begin with the practical things which need to be planned a few days in advance: the restaurant. Don’t make the glaring mistake of waiting until Friday to book, you won’t find any places – no I’m not jinxing you – it’s a fact. So, unless you have any grand ambitions to be Masterchef and you’re able to prepare a perfect by the book dinner, here’s some food for thought to win the scepter as the ideal boyfriend:

Armani/Ristorante: the starred restaurant kicks off with an advantage with its unique view of the city skyline for that magical atmosphere you were looking for. For the evening they have specially created a five-course tasting menu complete with a welcome cocktail and an exclusive DJ set as a musical accompaniment. If the €150 per person (excluding wine) might not be in line with your budget why not sample the cocktail “Te Quiero” at the Armani/Bamboo Bar with the delicious finger food on the side?

Ceresio 7: no need to explain why it’s the right place: the panorama speaks for itself. For lovers of glamor you can’t miss the opportunity to book a table at Milan’s Mount Olympus. Surprise her, result guaranteed. The 7-course tasting menu comes at the price of €85 per person (excluding wine). What are you waiting for?

Da Noi Ristorante: in the enchanting setting of the Magna Pars Hotel & Suites, every detail has been designed to recreate the thrills of “A Thousand and One Nights”. The Executive Chef, Fulvio Siccardi, twice Michelin starred, offers a menu at €95 per person (wine included) that enhances the best of the Italian tradition, to taste and enjoy the unique view of the breathtaking garden illuminated at night. You want to go overboard? Book a suite. You can’t go wrong. You want to astound her? Have a fragrance created “tailor-made” in the incredible “Perfume Laboratory” inside the hotel (which they will deliver as soon as it is ready).

Giacomo Arengario: for €80 per person (drinks not included) you can enjoy four-courses admiring up close the symbol par excellence of the city. Ask for a table in the outdoor area overlooking the Duomo and just let yourselves be carried away by the intoxicating atmosphere of Milan’s most romantic view.

Joia – natural haute cuisine: vegetarians and vegans we come to you. Two menus are planned for the occasion from the starred restaurant. Pietro Leemann has thought up for the most demanding a vegetarian and a vegan menu to cater for all tastes. Both have 6 courses and a welcome cocktail at the price of €100 per person (excluding drinks).

You can’t decide, right? Follow your instinct, with these options there’s no way to go wrong!

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