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DOMS Training

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Going to the gym is good for you. In the gym we distract ourselves, we let off some of the tension that built up during the day and train our muscles that the many office hours dulled. Maybe because many people think that way, a great deal of gyms have become more and more crowded, chaotic and depersonalizing, where, in the end, it’s the benefits of the physical activity that lose out: in a stressing and limiting context, our body and mind have a hard time feeling listened to and motivated and have to limit their potential. Tired of the usual gym, we decided to try DOMS Training.

DOMS Training - Milano

DOMS has a warm ambience, quiet and never overcrowded a space where your personal exigencies are embraced and encouraged. Ivan and Daniela, the owners, create personalized training programs devoted to guarantee the absolute wellness of their customer. Thanks to their holistic approach, behind every suggestion, advice and indication there’s the aim to promote, besides the aesthetical improvement, a lasting health both physical and psychological.

DOMS Training - Milano

DOMS also has a training program dedicated exclusively to the female clientele: the Executive Fitness is a workout created for women that combines high intensity to short length, to concile the personal commitments of the modern  woman with the desire to stay in good shape. In 30 minutes of focused and optimized training, executed with consistency at least two times a week, you are doing yourself good. Not just because you are training, but because of how you are training: supervision and precise teachings are not the only things that come from Ivan, Daniela and their team while you exercise, but also motivation, inspiration, listening and comprehension, in the context of a program that brings the personal training closer to the coaching. The sympathy, the good will and passion with which DOMS’ trainers do their job is a real incentive and lightens up even the hardest sessions.

DOMS Training - Milano

When there are really exhausting days when you arrive really tired to DOMS and not really willing to train, Daniela will always understand it in the exact moment you walk the door, suggesting some workout that would not stress your organism too much, but instead help it let off some steam and sleep peacefully. When you arrive with your full energies, instead, you’ll be encouraged to give your best in more intense training sessions based on cardio.

DOMS Training - Milano

What Ivan and Daniela put at the service of their clients is not only their competence as trainers but also their acute sensibility, their spirit of observation, their attention to detail and their passion for their job, making DOMS the perfect place to dedicate to your self-care and reaching a state of total wellness.

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