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Dry Milano

Doesn't matter what you choose, you are in Milan's coolest pizzeria

Via Solferino 33, Dry Milano! This is Pisacco‘s little brother, more rebellious and attention seeking, just on the opposite side of the road. Perfect for a pizza or a cocktail. Or both. It doesn’t matter what you choose. You’ll discover that you’ve found yourself in the coolest place that a Milan always on the watch for novelties could ever dream of.

Dry Cocktails & Pizza

There’s no need for special effects here. There are no breathtaking views, pools or pretentious decor. Here the only stars of the show are: pizza & cocktails. It looks a lot like Pisacco: high ceilings, same big, rough tables with high bar stools at the entrance, walls almost nude and in the raw, music, minimal decor which tends towards post industrial chic, low lighting. But its soul is more like a 40’s hipster.

Dry Cocktails & Pizza

The premises was presented to the press and friends with a series of “blind” events, during the Salone del Mobile 2013, with closed shutters and address kept secret to most, just like the classic American speakeasy. Its name, Dry, also recalls the Prohibition, where Dry stood for “without alcohol”. A perfect contradiction, in our case, being that it’s impossible to leave with a moderate alcohol level.

Dry Cocktails & Pizza

The Pizza and the focacce, from the most classic to the gourmet – cooked in an artisan wood oven from Naples and leavened for 48 hours – are simply exquisite. Simone Lombardi is the creator. Soft and so light they classify as the best I have ever eaten in Milan, hands down.

Dry Cocktails & Pizza

Do we want to talk about the cocktails? They would tempt even the strictest abstinent! Once you start you just can’t stop. But if… “you weren’t made to drink like a dog... virtuously carry on” with a glass of Champagne. Nothing is missing from the list. And the combination with pizza is no less than sublime!

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