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  • Mandarin Oriental, Milan
    Via Andegari, 9

    Explorers, leaders, emperors: the charm of the East has always greatly attracted the western world. The prestigious group of five-star luxury hotels, Mandarin Oriental, has decided to revive this...

  • Così fa Antonino Esposito
    Via Solferino 27, Milano

    When you search for “pizza” on Google, you get about a million and a half results, featuring stories and tales that try to retrace the food’s history. The one...

  • Clotilde Brera
    Piazza San Marco 6, Milano

    Do you dream of a magical atmosphere suspended in time in the heart of Milan? Do you want to taste traditional Milanese dishes revisited in a modern way? Clotilde Brera,...

  • forte forte
    Via Ponte Vetero 1, Milano

    I recently experienced more proof of the close link between art and fashion: a union that almost ends up becoming an identity. I was walking in Via Ponte Vetero, in the...

  • ottod’Ame
    Via Solferino 1, Milano

    ottod’Ame‘s Made in Italy is pure and plays with silks, wools, cottons, lace and leather mixed and revisited with care and creativity. Let’s start with the rather evocative name...

  • La Briciola
    Via Marsala 1, Milano

    The story begins about forty years ago in via Solferino 25 Via Marsala. Located in Brera, the artistic heart of the city, it is framed in times past and...

  • Da I Gemelli Milano
    Via San Marco 26, Milano

    Per leggere questo articolo in italiano, clicca qui.  In September 2018, the Da I Gemelli restaurant opened, or perhaps we should say, disembarked. Strengthened by the success of their...

  • Fishbar de Milan – Brera
    Via Montebello 7, Milano

    Up to the ’30s you could find the small lake of San Marco while walking in the heart of Brera. An artificial basin used by the Milanese as a small trade port just...

  • Rosa&Co
    Corso Garibaldi 16, Milano

    A coffe that brings inspiration has just opened its doors in Corso Garibaldi. The shades of pink and the design furniture, marble and LED lights offer a cozy and girlie atmosphere...

  • Ristorante Santa Virginia
    Via San Marco 5, Milano

    A web of narrow and convoluted alleys envelops the passerby with the charming touch of the old Milan; the story that Brera tells us is a bewitching past of...

  • Vintage Delirium
    Via Giuseppe Sacchi 3, Milano

    Franco Jacassi is not just any name but a true institution in the field of vintage. Writer, gallery owner, bibliophile, collector, curator of exhibitions, Jacassi was able to make...

  • Misoya
    Via Solferino 41, Milano

    When it’s Saturday, you’re with friends and you’re looking for an informal but not obvious place, which is different from the usual sushi, Misoya, in Brera, could be the perfect place...

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