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#ICC15 – Italy vs Japan

Blending the flavors of the land of the Rising Sun with those of the traditional Italian cuisine

During the fourth episode of the International Chef Cup – #ICC15 – Italy vs Japan, at La Terrazza di via Palestro, Luciano Monosilio (Pipero al Rex, Rome) and Haruo Ichikawa (Iyo, Milan) will need to blend the flavors of the land of the Rising Sun with those of the traditional Italian cuisine.

Class of 1984, Luciano Monosilio is the youngest of the competing chefs. A natural talent, who after forming core with Chefs of the calibre of Pierangelini, Uliassi and Crippa, he earned the opportunity to cover a primary role in the kitchen of the Pipero Restaurant in his Albano Laziale without letting anyone down. Moving to the capitol, he opened, with Alessandor Pipero, a new restaurant within the Rex Hotel. The name – Pipero al Rex – and the management are a guarantee. The kitchen speaks of innovation, freshness and experimentation, with plates that wow the eyes and the palate.

The Japanese master Haruo Ichikawa knows Italy very well, where he has lived for over twenty years. Class of 1954, he is at the head of the Iyo kitchen since 2008, after a journey that saw him train between Tokyo and Los Angeles and then work in the most important Japanese kitchen in Milan. His ability has been paramount to the climb to success of the restaurant: even this year the Milanese Guide of Gambero Rosso assigned him three globes. Even though he remains faithful to Japanese tradition, Chef Ichikawa often integrates products from our country into his preparations.

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