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Music & Lights in a 1359’s church

A bond between music and visual arts hard to replicate elsewhere

This year for Halloween Rosemary Sauce arranges a bond between music and visual arts hard to replicate elsewhere: “Music & Lights in a 1359 ‘s church”.

The deconsecrated church of Santa Maria la Rossa of 1359, in Monzoro, the last surviving part of the ancient monastery of Olivetan, will be the stage of sound and lights orchestrated to form a single artistic currents borned with different souls but masterfully blended to become a singular experience.

A constantly changing scenario, where digital frescos in motion create a symbiosis of colors and shapes that change the perception of the surfaces inside the church.

The warm-up is up to Matteo Costa + Edan while the 3D videomapping is Acca & Dreamrec. The guests under the arch of the apse will be the chameleonic experimenter Rhadoo, from Romania, together with the legendary techno Japanese Fumiya Tanaka.

Tickets 15/20/25€

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