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Music, Art, Fashion, and Charity in an explosive mixture of fun, for the party of your dreams

We’ve almost done it, we don’t know how it happened, but winter is no longer with us. May is at its end, and the most beautiful months of the year: June, July, and August are finally upon us. Now is the time to start dreaming, start the countdown, book holidays, eat out, in short anything we need to do to get us to our holidays. The fragrance of beautiful Milan evenings is in the air, and, as always, evenings out are the first items on our minds. Among the many novelties of this 2016 summer, there’s certainly one that is worthy of attention: NOMAD.

Have you already heard this name? Good, in that case you’ll already know what we’re talking about. In case you haven’t, prick up your ears dear friends, we wouldn’t want you to look bad right now your moment to impress has come. Of course we wouldn’t.

Try to imagine the music of Ibiza, that of times gone by, and the best DJs’ vibe pumping excitement into the air. Add a touch of Art, and a pinch of Fashion and authentic incredible Italian food. Why do this? For charity obviously. Picture all this in a party. Have you got that? Right, now all you need is the most important point: the location, and it is the most beautiful you can come up with. This is NOMAD, the new entertainment concept that has brought international festival’s glamour for selected audiences in Italy, in exclusive venues closed to the general public. Entrance is obviously by invitation only.

A different evening in a different city, each time for charity. The lucky ones who get invited can purchase the chosen brands’ products, that change from event to event, and taste the Italian food that has been chosen for them. The proceeds are obviously donated to the institution that is hosting the event.

And what about us? We’ll be mere nomads, following them around, trying to understand the details of the next party each time. The first event shall be in Arona on June 11th, on the magical shores of Lake Maggiore, and the theme, in line with the mood, shall be all Boho-Chic.

Collaborators for the launch event will Lùbar for food, Belvedere for the beverage, Kooness for art, Les Petits Joueurs, Spektre, CambiaghiManebí and Front Row Tribe for fashion, LodoClick for photography, No Limits as support to PR activities, Addvert as communication agency and finally TAN Holdings and B3 Capital as official sponsor. In the DJ booth TET1, the resident DJ at NOMAD, and among the Guest DJs, Lollino (a name known also to the public of DC10, and winner of the Italian finals for the Burn Residency 2016), Intro Groove (Beat -The Box London) and Flavio Paolo (Lune).

We can’t say anything else at the moment, but we strongly suggest you find out more… Milan is small, if you question the right people you might just find contact who can get you on the invite list. And it’ll be worthwhile.

Stefano Bruccoleri (in arte Tet1) e Silvia Bortolotto, gli ideatori di NOMAD

Stefano Bruccoleri (aka Tet1) and Silvia Bortolotto, the creators of NOMAD

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