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Not to be missed this weekend #5

The best gigs this weekend

You know that feeling when it’s only Wednesday and you’ve already worked 72 hours non-stop with no social life, and not even time to fantasize about the Christmas holidays? When the only thing you want to do is stay in the countryside, drink good wine, and abandon your problem solving and multi-tasking attitudes? Yep, that’s exactly how I feel. Yet, when I hear that one of my favorite artists on the electronica scene, is returning from a long period of silence, I’m jumping out of my skin.

Friday 11/11:

No longer just an emerging artist, but someone who has forged a reputation equal to that of Fourt Tet and Caribou, Gold Panda live at Dude is not to be missed. A hypnotic soundscape layered over syncopated beats is what is presented to us in the new album ‘Good Luck and Do Your Best’. The last time he played at Tunnel, I spent more time waiting to get in the venue than the length of his show. So if you see a blonde girl with a helmet bouncing in front of the console, come join us for a dance.

At Wall, an icon of the Italian clubbing scene since 1987, come see DJ Ralf spin all genres of music.

Meanwhile, at Volt, find Mano Le Tough, a regular at Berghain’s Panorama Bar and many of Milan’s clubs. His sounds of modern disco, house and techno will not have you stopping for a second.

Saturday 12/11:

Saturday has in store a fantastic surprise: After a months-long hiatus, the guys from Intreatment finally return. Remember those evenings swamping Ram studios or Cristalleria which were decorated in theme and containing installations that left you breathless? This time they’ve changed location, and the party will be held in an old artists workshop, accompanied by deep house from Julius Steinhoff. I have never missed any of their evenings, and this will be no exception.

Also don’t forget that there on Saturday there will be the Body Heat party, which is now a weekly event. Body Heat is a record label and collective of artists who gather at KTV a former karaoke joint in the Sarpi area, with a mixed line up of Funk, Disco, House, Jazz and Boogie. If you after guaranteed good music and good fun, go there!


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