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Interview – DJ LMP and Bugsy from Take it Easy

An evening of disco and house that makes you feel part of a big family

Three elements can determine what makes a successful evening: the music, the company and the atmosphere. Take It Easy takes into account all three. But what to say about it exactly…

Located in one of the main nightlife districts of Milan, in via Tocqueville, near Corso Como, the evening Take It Easy is a quality night out not just because of the programming but because of the concept of the organizers wanted to pursue. Take It Easy seeks to break down the barriers between the DJ and the public, to create a big unique family where all participants are active.

The program this season has hosted artists of such a high caliber of DJs (always in the branch of Disco and House) such as Derrick May, Kerri Chandler, Benoit & Sergio, Tony Humphries, Lil Louis, Lele Sacchi, Claudio Coccoluto and many more still yet to be announced over the next few months.

What makes Take It Easy different however is that it does not only focus on the guest – the spotlight is also shared by the club’s resident DJs, DJ LMP and Bugsy, to which people are equally fond. DJ LMP is a side project of Fabio Alampi that mixes 90s disco with old school funk techno, acid house and funk. Bugsy on the other hand has been strongly influenced by black music and funk and his sets range between Chicago house and Detroit techno.

From this year, under shared artistic direction, Take it Easy has transformed into Bock Club with weekly programming and not just on Sunday, as in previous times. Get to know DJ LMP and Bugsy as we ask them for their views on our beloved city.

Ciao guys! First of all, congratulations on Take It Easy, and thank you for agreeing to do this interview. Tell us how this evening came to be.
Take It Easy was born on a cold evening in January 2010 with the intention of setting up a party with friends, people and artists, the kind of people that were not being catered for in Milan’s nightlife scene back then. From there we got the name of the project. We wanted something that reflected the simplicity of the event for which we were laying the foundations.

What kind of music are you delivering to the public?
The artistic part is strongly characterized by the sounds from our artists in residence, Bugsy, Fabio Alampi and Dirty Channels. The sound mainly ranges from Disco to House but sometimes we don’t even touch Techno. The artists we host have a really intimate understanding of what it means to be a DJ, and they are chosen primarily on the basis of our personal tastes. Very rarely (if ever) have we hosted the artist of the moment, or a DJ who simply happens to be in vogue.

I imagine that you’ve met a lot of DJs in your career. What are some of more interesting stories from your work?
One of the more interesting experiences happened two years ago, during the famous flood that happened in Milan, which sent everything absolutely haywire for us. Our driver was stuck in his car together with the DJ, with water up to the doors. It took more than two hours to get out to the gig. After dinner, the artist, who was completely exhausted, returned to his room to relax, but with two and a half hours until the performance he hadn’t even shown up for sound check. We were banging on the door to wake him up and had to race him to the club to get him even there on time. It was a pretty sleepy set to be honest!

What are your favorite places in Milan for the following occasions?
Breakfast: “Il Classico” on Via Tocqueville. It’s right in front of our club, and is just the best way to start the day.
Brunch: “Santeria Social Club” on Viale Toscana. It’s an interesting place from every point of view.
Lunch: “Mics” on Via Maroncelli. It’s a Roman restaurant with serving old-fashioned food on fantastic sharing plates.
Dinner:Dry” on Via Solferino. It’s an elegant and intimate place that serves excellent pizza. You can also have some amazing drinks there too.
Drink:The Botanical Club” on Via Pastrengo is an excellent location for a drink with countless types of gin including one that they produce in-house.
Evening: What kind of question is that? Obviously the “BLOCK” on via Tocqueville – one of the best clubs in town!

A treat for our readers… what is your favorite “hidden corner” of Milan?
Surely the “Spirit de Milan”. A dance hall restaurant in the former Crystal glassware production district of Milan. A magical place to revive old Milanese traditions.

Thanks again and good luck for all your projects! Congratulations from the editors of Flawless Milano!

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