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Schneller Werden Ohne Zeitverlust

Reinhard Mucha's moving exhibit in the Galleria Lia Rumma

The temple of contemporary art is the Galleria Lia Rumma. The gallery has featured great artists like Marina Abramovic, Vanessa Beecroft, Andreas Gursky and Gino de Dominicis, as well as young Italian talents such as Luca Monterastelli. The exhibition space in via Stilicone in Milan, is spread over four levels, and today plays host to Reinhard Mucha with his exhibition ‘Schneller Werden Ohne Zeitverlust‘ (‘Faster, without losing time).

The artist’s relationship with the gallery is longstanding, going back to 1989 when he presented his first solo show ‘Mutterseelenallein’ (‘Loneliness’) in the Lia Rumma gallery in Naples. A set of events led to the artist staying in Italy for many years.

This exhibit features architecture -inspired pieces by the artist – stairs, window,s mirrors, felt, and wood – different elements assembled in new geometrical planes that give new life to these elements. The artist has articulated dense layers of meaning into each of these pieces.

In the exhibition there are large containers that create an alternate reality, display cases hang on the wall, suspended in space, each telling a new story. The works of this artist are elegant, sophisticated and powerful.

One of the most powerful pieces in this exhibit is the piece where you can see straight from the ground floor, it is a work composed of ancient tiles, spread out neatly on a bed of debris. The intermingling of drama and memory induce a sense of profundity.

The exhibit also presents video art in the form of ‘Hidden Tracks’, a series of new works created by the artist over the years. Mucha’s work references Minimalist and Post-Minimalist art, architecture and design.

Mucha has said that “Selling a work of art is to sell an idea. But with an idea, you need to process it, grow it, make it your own and love it to madness”.

Photo credit: Agostino Osio

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