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Winter at Bagni Misteriosi

For St. Ambrose’s Day, celebrate the Advent on ice-skates

Surely you will know the Bagni Misteriosi as an ideal destination for summer leisure. Everyone in Milan has visited the historic monumental swimming pools, the solarium that becomes a stage for theatrical events and exhibitions, the changing rooms that are transformed into exhibition spaces and the bar area. That of Bagni Misteriosi is a flexible and versatile environment that continues to transform and reinvent itself without stopping. Its most recent transformation? For the day of Sant’Ambrogio, December 7th, and until January 28th 2018, the Bagni Misteriosi will become an ice rink.


On a new, bigger floating patinoire, all Milanese will be able to whiz in freedom surrounded by a fairytale atmosphere. Around them dancers, storytellers, acrobats and jugglers like in a magnificent winter circus will create a dreamy scenario. For the day of the inauguration there are many performances in schedule that will amaze both adults and children. Admission is free and renting the ice-skates costs only 3 euros.


We advise you not to miss it. First of all because it will be great, with the surface of the rink two times bigger than the past year’s one and all the participating artists; and then because it is precisely in a special, typical and enchanted location like that of the Bagni Misteriosi that all the magic of the incoming Christmas can be released. If you were looking for something to do on the day of Sant’Ambrogio, now you know where to go.

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