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FiftyFive Milano

Milan's biggest bar with an area of over 1.600 sq.m.

Via Piero della Francesca 55. FiftyFive Milano. Those of you who knew it as Roialto will have to adjust to the change, of the name and management. Easy to remember, considering it’s the civic number, for those who don’t know it (yet) and hard to forget for the abitue’, the biggest bar in Milan changes face and we just have to say it…Wow!

The style is totally Great Gatsby and the visual effect is amazing! It’s Friday night and the place is brimming… “how many people do you think there are?” I ask myself while I look around trying to focus. The large, 1,600 square meters hall has a rectangular layout which is overhung by an enormous crystal chandelier, and it’s lined on one of the shorter ends by a very long counter behind which are at least five barmen standing perfectly distanced, tirelessly shaking up cocktails of every kind. Jazzy music fills the air covering up the inevitable noise made up of the conversations carried out by the hundreds of people, each at their respective tables, with their respective friends, about their respective lives. Raised circular sofas, mini privè, actual tables, little lounge style tables, couches and I could go on naming the various types of situations recreated within the single, open space.

The entire setup has intervals of small, well thought out stands, at the head of which are the corresponding chefs specializing in certain foods, whipping up delicious treats prepared on the fly in front of your very eyes from 6:00 p.m. till 11:00 p.m.: omelettes, fried eggs with truffle, pasta, every kind of fried food, stuffed meats and so on… you’ll have to make your way around the entire area just to try everything! It won’t be too hard either, being that in the meantime, tipsy from chit chat and gin tonic, your stomach will have become the size of a barrel. Opposite the counter is a designer staircase which leads to a splendid balcony, where you can admire the entire scene, feeling a little director and a little VIP from such an elevated position. On the same upper level – they tell us – there is an equally large terrace which is set up during the summer months, same style, same concept.

New opening is the restaurant, which is be separated from the the main hall by a green hallway of plants and that offers a gourmet cuisine! Once you’ve got a full stomach it’s time to boogie. The evening continues with DJ set or live concerts: the night is long… at the 55!

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