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Finger’s Garden

A Zen garden for an excellent sushi dinner in total relaxation

Eating excellent sushi surrounded by a garden and a relaxing environment? You’re thinking: a garden in Milan? And above all, you’re probably wondering “relaxing”? You read that right! All of this is possible at Finger’s Garden, via Keplero 2 in Milan.

If you fancy a nice têtê to têtê dinner, but also (of course!) a dinner with friends and you are looking for an absolutely magical location, but above all a quality one, there is nothing better than this place! I was here for dinner last week and as a great sushi lover (I would eat it every day!) I was really excited about it.

After crossing the entrance gate I found myself catapulted into an inner courtyard, in a new age dimension, the first thing to be noticed is that here you can leave aside the chaos, the concrete and the typical Milanese frenzy, to be wrapped in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant consists of two areas: one internal and a summer one outside (still sheltered).

Finger's Garden

Two minutes of waiting and they take me to my table in the outdoor garden, which I consider to be one of the most impressive in the warm season (tip: when booking ask to stay here). I sit down and they brought me a large and interesting menu. There are so many varieties of sushi, sashimi and uramaki, but also warm and rice dishes. The choice is rather difficult and I have to tell you, with all sincerity, that I wanted to order everything … but, unfortunately, having to be careful about my diet I ordered a sushi and sashimi mix and Philadelphia maki. Nonetheless, even the wine list is extensive.

While waiting, I decided to look around: the place is very well attended (especially couples), the seating arrangement leaves the right privacy, the background music with zen and new age notes helps making the atmosphere even more special and helps, for those who live in the busy Milan, passing those two hours in total relax, freeing the mind.

Finally the dishes come and my expectations are not betrayed: the quality of the fish is excellent. I find that the tuna is great, as well as other types of fish, all fresh and of first choice. Another positive note (because I believe that when you eat also the eye wants its part) is the presentation: it’s almost a shame to ruin the dish! In addition, I am pleasantly surprised by the Philadelphia maki, which are usually always served the same way … but here the cheese is outside, around the roll, almost as if they were cream puffs (really good, trust me!).

Finger’s Garden confirms to be a certainty, a guarantee in the city, and as Flawless Milano recommends, here you can find quality but also the pleasure of living an undoubtedly high level experience in a charming and cool location. Seeing is believing!

Photo credit: Francesco Mion.

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