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Flavio Angiolillo: a cocktail of elegance and savoir-faire

Creative and refined, Flavio Angiolillo has reinvented Milanese mixology

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The careful eyes of the observer are struck by the details. A word chosen with care, a sophisticated gesture, a sought-after accessory. In the case of Flavio Angiolillo, everything about him arouses curiosity. He speaks with a French accent native to his homeland. He has the savoir-faire of a gentleman from a different era, oozing elegance in the way he holds a glass of wine in his hands. And on his hand stands his family’s ring, symbolizing ties to tradition that he never plans to betray.

Flavio Angiolillo: cocktail d'eleganza e savoir-faire

He is the King Midas of Milanese Mixology, and every place he has built up is considered a Mecca for quality drinks. First is the MAG Cafè, a place that transcends definition and invites you to look at the Naviglio, relax, and indulge in a morning cappuccino or a drink in a stirrup glass upon returning home. Il 1930 is a speakeasy that comes with the privilege of being allowed in. The elegant atmosphere of this 1930s-themed bar is a safe haven for those who know that this place exists. Next is the Backdoor43, which is considered to be the “smallest bar in the world.” Initially an idea born from a bet, Flavio managed to reinvent the concept of going out for drinks in four square meters. Is something missing? Iter, of course! This gastronomic flight of flavors takes off every day from Via Fusetti to transport its customers to the best cuisines in the world.

Flavio Angiolillo: cocktail d'eleganza e savoir-faire

Genius, creativity, a dose of boldness, inventiveness and risk are the qualities that have allowed Flavio to be a stand out in the crowded Milanese Mixology landscape. And these characteristics have influenced not only his restaurants, but his everyday style as well. He loves accessories, which always say a lot about the person wearing them. He prefers earth tones, ranging from beige to brown, and colors of the sky, from shades of grey to blue. He conveys the ideal of sophisticated elegance, which makes him an emblem of the Milan contemporary fashion brand Boggi Milano, a source of inspiration to all in its constant need for stylistic renewal.

Flavio Angiolillo: cocktail d'eleganza e savoir-faire

Boggi Milano accompanies the modern cosmopolitan man in every part of his day, rooted in the principles of versatility, customization, care for materials, and bold style choices. For example, consider a colored silk clutch bag to contrast with a deep blue formal dress. This unexpected colored accessory, says Flavio, can give a twist to any outfit. Boggi Milano interprets the needs of those who live in a vibrant city like Milan, hectic from dawn to dusk, and help them strive to look impeccable on every occasion.


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