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Oriental sushi meets Occidental street food

A few years ago the area of ​​via Paolo Sarpi, also called Chinatown, was often overlooked by the Milanese people. Fortunately, in recent times the situation has changed and many new premises and shops have begun to transform Sarpi into a district with a soul and its own atmosphere. The last place to add to the many novelties of the neighborhood is Fusho, a street food that imports from America the concept of sushi-burrito, but adapting it to the tastes of Italians.

Fusho Sushi Burrito - Milano

The biggest challenge in proposing this concept in Italy, in fact, was that its American version was too heavy for us. The three owners of Fusho, then, opted for a drastic restyling, based on the search for the best raw materials. The rice, for example, is macrobiotic and local, brought daily from Abbiategrasso. Even the fish is brought in every day and has the Friend of the Sea certification that distinguishes all the products derived from sustainable fishing and breeding.

Fusho Sushi Burrito - Milano

But how exactly is the burrito sushi? First of all, it doesn’t necessarily have to be made with fish: there are both meat and vegetarian options, to meet everyone’s tastes. The ingredients are very light, including the fried ones, thanks to the air fryers and the vacuum cooking. When you see it for the first time you will be surprised by its size: it’s large, practically a complete meal wrapped in nori seaweed, but it is also tasty and above all has nothing heavy, indeed.

Fusho Sushi Burrito - Milano

The kitchen is the place where the ingredients are prepared, but your sushi burrito is assembled behind the counter, in front of you, and you can even decide to compose it as you wish. All this, together with the great research work on ingredients, simple but as fresh as possible, gives this street food an imprint of craftsmanship that distances it a lot from its much heavier American relative. Even sauces, which from Fusho are fourteen, are light and prepared with natural ingredients.

Fusho Sushi Burrito - Milano

The idea is to combine fusion cuisine, street food and healthy food in a single concept that is able to satisfy the customers (“light but substantial” could be the motto of the owners) but also to be so versatile that it can be declined, for example, in an aperitif food. Being able to compose them at will makes them a very flexible food indeed. And for the food lovers that always look for something more, there are also the limited edition creative burrito sushi.

Fusho Sushi Burrito - Milano

While waiting for your burrito sushi to be made in front of you, you can enjoy a miso soup (always included in the order) or drink a Japanese beer. There are two: one is the classic Asahi, the other is the OWA craft beer. But whatever you drink, keep your eyes on your sushi burrito: seeing it composed under your eyes is a small culinary show that will add a nice touch to your meal. For everything else, you’ll have to go to Fusho and experiment. One thing is certain: you haven’t eaten a burrito like this in Milan yet!

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