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How getting back in shape in Milan

The principle of 360-degree wellness works by combining movement, nutrition and meditation

When we say “mens sana in corpore sana,” this is exactly what it means: feeling good inside and out, in body and spirit. But how can this be achieved? The principle of 360-degree wellness works by combining movement, nutrition and meditation (keeping stress and negative thoughts at bay), more or less as suggested by the ancient discipline of yoga. The etymology of this word already contains an important root meaning “to unite:” body and mind.

In turn, many doctors are also making their own suggestions by advising their own patients to exercise for at least a half an hour a day and to adopt a healthy, balanced diet that is good not only for the figure but in order to maintain one’s health for the future. Then there are those like the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi that have used this combination of elements to create a true “life motto.” In fact, for many years now, they’ve promoted the breast cancer awareness campaign (Pink is Good) with the aim being to get the word out with a series of “events” in Milan and in other places. They take this message beyond the hospital walls, about the importance of sports and a diet that is low in animal fat and refined sugars for the wellness of the individual. This in addition to preventative diagnoses.

Speaking about “Pink is Good,” are Flawless’ readers ready for the Pink Marathon for charity in April? You can download sign-up information by clicking on this link. Registration is already open. Milan has always been the capital for these types of body/mind wellness initiatives, especially when it comes to women. For example, yesterday, the Nike Women Week concluded at Villa Quarzo, in the futuristic and urban Porta Nuova district. For the entire week, there were free fitness classes open to the public in the name of wellness, and with the added bonus of allowing participants to test out Nike products during the activities. Among the sponsors, there were many partners that have made a name for themselves in wellness, such as Terme di Milano, Vitasnella water, and Holy – The Wellness Drink, which had the original idea of organizing an exclusive “Vinyasa Flow yoga” class on January 28th along with Nike. The class was for journalists (I was there too. I was the one who kept saying “ouch!”).

So what is the coolest yoga school in Milan? Bali Yoga in Via Frua 8, Via Ravizza 14, and Via Varese 18. Choose the location nearest you! For yoga lovers in general, make sure to take note of the upcoming appointment with the new edition of the Olis Festival (on February 6th and 7th) in none other than Via Tortona in the splendid and prestigious setting of Super Studio. This is a unique event in Italy based on an innovative format that is a mix between a convention, a trade show, and an experiential workshop. It is an event that speaks a different language, weighing its words carefully to talk about holistic and organic/natural disciplines, unconventional medicines, “ethnic” medicines, integrated medicine and natural nutrition.

If, however, you don’t have time to go to the Olis Festival, but you’d still like to try a one-of-a-kind experience trying out very high level vegetarian and vegan cuisine, I suggest you go see my friends Carlo Codarini and Michele Maino at the Osteria al 55 in Via Messina 55. Not only is the food good here, it is also beautiful. And we all know that when beauty takes on a concrete form, it’s very good for the spirit. Recently, professor Stefano Zecchi said something similar when speaking about art and culture during a roundtable discussion dedicated to contemporary aesthetics. It took place in Andrea Fenzi’s showroom in Piazza Castello in Milan. Guests included not only journalist but some important opinion makers from the salons of Milan, such as PR executive Daniela Iavarone and others who are ambassadors of elegance by definition, such as Mario Boselli, the honorary president of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.

A book suggestion having to do with vegan/health topics? The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas C. Campbell.

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