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A green spring with Map of Mi.

Are you ready to discover our new project?

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Download the Map of Mi. of the City Center!

Download the Map of Mi. of Brera and Moscova!

Download the Map of Mi. of Isola and Garibaldi!

Download the Map of Mi. of Navigli and Tortona!

Download the Map of Mi. of Porta Venezia!

Download the Map of Mi. of Porta Romana!

We at Flawless Milano love this city and we want to make you love it too. Milan is so big and so full of unique initiatives that telling about it day by day, with all its news and surprises, has become our passion and our mission. It’s with you in mind that we launch all our projects, to provide you with increasingly rich and refined tools that will accompany you during your days. And it is with these goals in mind that we want to present the latest news: Map of Mi. – The Lifestyle Map.

Map of Mi. - Spring Edition - Milano

You already know Best of Mi. our monthly, pocket-size, bilingual and free booklet that tells you about the best experiences selected by our editors. Map of Mi. – The Lifestyle Map it is an even more ambitious project. Six different maps that each season select the best experiences of different areas of Milan: Navigli and Tortona, Brera and Moscova, Centro Storico e Quadrilatero, Porta Romana, Porta Venezia, Isola and Garibaldi, with smart directions and useful references, so you can have every area of ​​the city in an instant.

Map of Mi. - Spring Edition - Milano

Each map will contain indications in Italian and in English related to the main metro stations, monuments and interesting places and will be dotted with numbered pins distinguished by color. Each of these colors will correspond to a different kind of experience: purple for shopping addresses, green for wellness and gyms, orange for restaurants and blue for bars. In creating these maps we wanted to be as clear and intuitive as possible and make you immediately find what you were looking for.

Map of Mi. - Spring Edition - Milano

With the Map of Mi. you will never be disoriented again: just look at it and take it with you to have the whole neighborhood in your pocket. And since the maps are a limited edition, with 30.000 copies in total, you can collect them all by walking around and exploring the city to have the whole of Milan with you wherever you go. We have thought about the different tastes of each of you and we have created a proposal that includes them all, without exclusions, pointing out the most unique and original experiences.

Map of Mi. - Spring Edition - Milano

We chose a minimal design for our Map of Mi., simple and colorful, to turn it into a trendy and pleasant accessory, as well as functional. For a selection of addresses we have also added more detailed photographs and explanations to better convey all the details of the experiences we tell you about. This city deserves to be known far and wide and we do not want you to miss even a single detail.

Map of Mi. - Spring Edition - Milano

Map of Mi. – The Lifestyle Map will be published seasonally and each season will be marked by a color declined, from time to time, in six different shades. To launch it we chose the color of new beginnings and blooming meadows: the green in its various nuances. Where will you find it? In our partner’s venues, of course, then in the main museums of Milan, in the best hotels and during our days of distribution in the main metro stations downtown. You can’t miss it.

Map of Mi. - Spring Edition - Milano

Exploring the city with Flawless Milano means exploring it with your best friend, a guide who walks by your side without neglecting anything that really matters. Map of Mi. he will take you by the hand and make you know this city as those who live here know it, as those who hold on to quality in all things. This is the journey we have chosen to undertake and we want to take you with us. You are ready?

Bombarded daily by information of all kinds, transmitted by an ever-increasing number of communication tools, we sometimes look for a simplification, a reliable source, a guide. Flawless Milano was born from this need, and tells the best experiences to have in Milan with style, precision and personality.

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